Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heath & Fitness: Day 11

Day 11 was by far the hardest for me. Why? Our sweet little two year old would not go to sleep last night. Screamed for 75 minutes. Slept for 45. Screamed off and on the rest of the night. It was exhausting. Josh took care of her while I was feeding Olivia every 2 hours. I took over Julianna duties at 4am and just got her down for a nap at 11:30am. Oh my goodness. I am tired. This is why day 11 was tough. Even though it was tough and I was tired, at least I did it. I probably didn't go as hard as I should have during my workout but at least I completed my exercise. Can I take a nap now, girls? Please?!

Day 11 Exercise:
-20 minutes of the 30 day shred... including warm up and cool down, it's actually about 25 minutes- the warm up is a work out too!!

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