Saturday, August 28, 2010

school is back in session

The 2010-2011 school year has officially started and it's off to a great start! I have a wonderful group of 18 third graders. I dislike being away from Julianna but I'm happy to have a great class and great co-workers to work with.

Speaking of Julianna, she's actually doing very well at daycare. This week was so much better than last week. She actually napped for over 3 hours total on Friday! Yay Julianna! Her napping more=more time with mommy when she gets home... which is great thing!

She's also considered a roller at daycare now. She can roll back to tummy and tummy to back. They all say she's tiny and mighty! I love that little girl so much!

In other news, Josh and I got a new car this week. We traded in Josh's Honda for a 2010 Honda Accord. It's black with tan leather interior. I love it! I haven't had a chance to take a picture of it yet but here's one from the website:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

first week complete

This week was Julianna's first week of daycare and my first week back to work after being out on maternity leave since March--5 months! The anticipation of leaving her at daycare to go to work was much worse than it actually was. It was very emotional on Monday but I feel really good about the daycare that she's staying at so that made it easier on me.

The first few days, she didn't nap at all. Maybe a total of 10 minutes all day long! That had me so worried because I didn't want her to be overly tired everyday and want to go straight to bed as soon as she got home. Thursday and Friday were better. She actually slept an hour and half total on Friday so we're headed in the right direction. Hopefully she'll be able to sleep better there as she gets more used to being there all day, everyday.

As far as school goes, I'm really excited to be back. I think this school year is going to be great. Right now, I have 17 students in my class. That may fluctuate in the next few days though due to students withdrawing or enrolling. School starts in 4 days and I have so much left to do. Open house is Monday so hopefully I'll get to meet most of my students then.

The photo below is one Josh took on his iPhone. He has a neat app on there called Color Splash and this was his creation today. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

North Carolina Education Lottery

This past Saturday, the North Carolina Education Lottery and a local radio station, 93.1 The Wolf were at my family's store, Ready Mart. Josh and my dad were working while the festivities were taking place. Josh and my dad got to dress up in fun lottery ball costumes. Josh even ran the register with his ball outfit on! Enjoy the pictures and then click the link below the pictures to watch the video of the event.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

5 months old

Happy 5 months to Julianna!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

recycled art

This piece of art is over 6 months in the making. I started collecting toilet paper rolls when I was pregnant with Julianna because I wanted to make something. I was feeling crafty. Well, I collected them for about a week or two then I forgot about this project. About a month ago, I discovered all of the rolls that I had collected and decided to finish this project up before it was time to go back to work.

I got the inspiration from this blog: I thought it looked really fun and best of all, easy to do! I wanted a piece of art for the hallway and the price of this was just right... it literally costs me nothing. I used toliet paper rolls and paper towel rolls, stuff I would normally just throw in the trash, I already had glue and scissors, and my imagination for the design was free too!

After finishing this project, I feel inspired to create something else. I've always wanted to paint. Maybe that will come next. Who knows when I'll actually have time to do anything fun like that?! I'm going back to work next week. Enjoy the pictures of my fun creation:

my monkey in monkey jammies

After bathtime, Julianna got to try on a new pair of jammies. I bought these about a month at Target when they were on clearance. I thought they were adorable. I've always loved Paul Frank, I love the polka dots, and I adore the bright colors! I love that she's wearing typical boy colors. Of course, I love my little princess in pink and purple but she looks great in every color. I hate when she's wearing red and someone comments on my little boy. I wish those gender specific colors didn't exist. I've even bought a "boy" onsie for her! *gasp*

Good thing I put these on her last night. She probably won't be able to wear them long because she's quite long even though she's little. This is a 3-6 month pair of jammies and they are almost too short. She's my string bean!

introducing Daisy

We have decided to make our adopted furry baby a permanent member of our household. She was Dustin and Shandi's but it wasn't a good fit for their home with a pregnant dog and she didn't have enough space to run around.

We've named her Daisy, she's a yellow lab. Maggie and Toby love her! They have to much running around and playing together. It's worked out perfectly! :) Oh, I forgot to add... she's a 4 month old PUPPY! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

way back wednesday

Starting today, every Wednesday I'm going to post pictures from the past.

What event is taking place in these 3 pictures?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Julianna and I just returned home from our outing of the day.

We stopped by Ready Mart #1 to visit with my brother, Nick. I put the 4 bags of trash bags of clothes in his truck. He's going to take them to his church for their clothing closet. The message on gratitude at church on Sunday made me realize that I don't need to make a few dollars off of those clothes. They will be put to great use at Ward St. Mission ( I am thankful that I have plenty of clothes still in my closet even after pulling out a total of 5 trash bags. My goal this week is to try to show as much gratitude as possible. I have so much to be thankful for!

Speaking of church, Josh and I recently started attending a new church. Five weeks ago, we decided to try out North Ridge ( because we had heard amazing things about it. After just one visit, we knew that it was the right church for us. Making the decision to switch churches wasn't easy. We had grown to love many of the people at Bailey's Grove but NR was just a better fit for us. We also have the opportunity at NR to get involved more with the community and I'm also hoping to work with the children's ministry. There are so many awesome things going on at North Ridge and I'm very excited to be a part of it! Josh and I (and Julianna) already feel so loved and welcomed there. God always leads us in the right direction.

Now back to our outing, we chatted with Nick, picked up Josh's check, and then headed to the bank. Waiting in line at the bank drive thru was torture. Julianna hates being strapped in her carseat if she's not moving so she had a mini meltdown while we waited. It seemed like an hour but it was probably closer to 4-5 minutes. Next we headed to the mall to go to Belk. I had my eye on a cute top there about a month ago and I wanted to see if it was on sale yet. It must have been my lucky day because they only had one left, it was my size, and it was on sale! Regular price $58 and I got it for $13.99. Woo hoo!

We browsed through a few other stores in the mall but this is the only thing I bought. I went into some of the stores that I used to shop in all the time but they seemed to "young" for me now. When in the world did I grow up and start shopping in the women's department??? Sometimes I just about have to pitch myself when I think about the fact that I'm married, I'm a homeowner, I'm a teacher, and I'm a mom! I guess I'm not a little girl anymore.

little black dress

Monday, August 9, 2010

she is my monkey^

Video disclaimer:

If you get grossed out by babies with food on their face, don't press play.
If you get grossed out by babies pooping, don't press play.
If you get grossed out by babies in general, why are you visiting my blog? haha :)

So yes, this video is kind of gross but cute at the same time. She was lovin' those bananas! Oh and I had a HUGE mess to clean up after these... on both ends! :p

savoring every moment

This is it. My *last* week of my extended maternity leave/summer break. Do I really have to leave my adorable daughter at daycare? Please tell me no!

This week will be spent cuddling, playing, rocking, kissing, and loving on my precious Julianna. And... getting our lives in order for next week. My oh my how my life is going to change next week. She technically doesn't have to go to daycare until Wednesday because that's when I start work but I wanted to make the transition easier on her and on me. She'll be staying Monday and Tuesday from 6:45 til about 1. I can this, right? Tell me I can!

When Julianna is napping, I am going to do my 30 Day Shred video! I am I am I am! It's so hard to get motivated. But I will do it this week and next and hopefully the next.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

more splish splash... except she's in the tub this time

splish splash

Josh had to open and run one of my family's stores. My parents own two convenient stores in case anyone didn't already know that. One of my dad's employees at the second store was on vacation so Josh filled in. He said it was crazy busy all day long!

While he was there, he called to let me know that he was supposed be online at 10am for the Fantasy Football draft on yahoo. Well, the computer at the store didn't have Flash installed and he couldn't get it to download so... he recruited me to make his picks for me. Now, I'm a girl who knows absolutely nothing about football, well I know a little. There's a quarter back, kicker, tight end, running back, wide receiver, a touchdown is worth 6 points, and they can kick for one extra point. That's it. That's all I know. Well, the guys take this Fantasy Football thing pretty darn seriously. So here I was, online with 6 guys, bidding on players for Josh's team-- the Wrecking Balls! It only 2 took hours out of my day! I thought this was a 5 minute deal but no, it wasn't. 2 hours. Apparently I got some good players so I think I did alright for my first FF draft. I'm such a good wifey!

Later on, Julianna and I met Brittney and her mom at the pool for fun in the sun. Julianna had a great time! She was so relaxed that she feel asleep in my arms while we were in the pool the first time. She had a bottle and then was ready to go back in. I haven't spent much time outside at all this summer because it's been too hot to have a newborn outside but now we're able to go out more. My poor shoulders are a lovely shade of candy apple red... it's beautiful. Not. I'm sure I'm going to peel like crazy!

Now we're off to North Ridge Church to praise our awesome God! Have an awesome Sunday everyone!

Swimming with dad.

Lovin' the pool.

Posing with mommy.

Already reading... she's going to be a book nerd like mom.

Friday, August 6, 2010

alphabet wall

How cute is this?!

I saw a post about this on a blog that I follow and I think it's such a cute idea. I'm thinking of doing this on the wall in one of our spare bedrooms because that room will eventually be a playroom for kiddos. Now I need to start collecting letters!


shopping trip cut short- updated with pics

Julianna and I just returned home. She's currently napping and I'm trying regroup myself.

The plan was to go by Goodwill then pick up a few grocery items from Wal-Mart. Well, we made it to Goodwill. Like I discussed in my last post, I NEED clothes for work. I've been living in t-shirts and exercise capris for the past 5 months with the occasional comfy dress thrown in. So I decided to browse while we were there dropping off our donation. Appartently, someone who wears the same size as me, donated tons of their barely worn Ann Taylor Loft dress pants!

I found 6 pairs to try on and Julianna and I headed to the dressing room because I didn't want to spend any money on something that wouldn't fit my hips. As soon as we get to the dressing room she has a total meltdown! Screaming, crying, yelling, repeat. Apparently it was so loud that a lady who works there came to knock on the door and asked if everything was alright. I told her yes and continued to try to calm Julianna down.

I ended up trying on 4 of 6 pairs of pants (while holding a finally calm baby) so I raced to the checkout before the chaos started all over again. The lady at the checkout was the one who knocked on the door. She told me that she was afraid that I left my baby in the dressing room alone. Eeeek! I would surely hope that no one would do that but I guess I appreciate her concern. But she had to have heard me in there shhhing and talking to Julianna to calm her down.

YAY for good deals! A pair of Ann Taylor Loft pants new costs about $60 so I did VERY good!


plato's closet was a fail

Yesterday, my mom, Julianna, and I headed to Plato's Closet to try to sell some of my clothes. I pretty much emptied out half of my closet-- 5 trash bags FULL of clothes. My post-baby body does not accomodate size 2 pants anymore. My hips are wider and they aren't going anywhere. I've got about 10 pounds to go before I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight so most of my tops still fit but these wonderful hips (which I really don't mind all that much) aren't allowing me to wear any of my pants.

I hauled my 5 trash bags of clothing into Plato's Closet hoping to get a little cash to buy some pants or dresses for work. Out of 5 trash bags, they only purchased $31 worth of my clothes. Reasoning: darker washes for jeans are more "trendy" right now, they don't take many pairs of "dress" pants because their clientele doesn't purchase professional clothing, and my clothes were too "worn"... um, many of those clothes have been worn maybe once?! I guess I'm just bitter because I was hoping to leave with a lot less in those darn trash bags.

Apparently my style isn't teen/college trendy anymore. I'm getting old! So now I'm left with 4 trash bags of clothing. I'll probably just donate the clothing to Goodwill or some other charity because I can't use it anymore... or maybe an end of summer yard sale?

Anyone want to donate some cash to "Emily needs work clothes fund"? hahaha


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

do you think she likes sweet potatoes?


2 more weeks

2 more weeks then I have to go back to work full-time. I have been out of work since March 16 (with the exception of 1 workday and 4 workshop days). I have to take my baby girl to daycare for the first time. Someone other than family will be taking care of her for the first time. I know she will be well taken care of but I'm just nervous and anxious about the whole thing.

I'm excited to go back-- to see the students, to teach, and to work with my fellow teachers BUT I don't want to leave Julianna! Our life is going to change so much. A lot less sleep, less time with my baby, more driving, more stress, and definitely more caffeine.

If you pray, pray for me. I know women do this all of the time. They go back to work and take their baby to daycare but it's still so hard. She will be 5 months old when she goes to daycare for the first time. I know it will take some time to adjust (for the both of us) and it'll probably be easier on her.

Working moms: Any tips for making an easy transition back to work for me and to daycare for Julianna?


Monday, August 2, 2010

CUOC benefit concert

Last night, Josh, Julianna, and I headed out to Bicentennial Park (where we got married!) for the CUOC. The CUOC was collecting food for their food bank and in return we received a free hotdog and an awesome concert! Two local bands were performing: Bantum Rooster and Carolina Road. Most of the members of Carolina Road attend my church and perform in the worship band at North Ridge. Check out their Facebook page:!/CarolinaRoad?ref=ts.My favorite part of the evening was watching Josh slow dance with Julianna in front of the whole crown at the concert. Carolina Road was performing Brad Paisley's "She's Everything". It was such a sweet moment: