Friday, August 20, 2021

Currently Loving .238

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Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week! Last weekend, we put the finishing touches on our free flower stand. I have been growing my zinnias all summer and I love making bouquets from my garden. About a month ago, I started giving out free flowers arranged a jar to local friends. My dream of having a little flower stand has come true! I'll be sharing more about it here soon!

Today, I'm sharing my weekly roundup of what I'm Currently Loving! I might be one of the other people who isn't ready for cooler weather. I thrive in the warm weather and the sunshine! However, I am looking towards fall fashion and the pieces that I want to add into my closet.

Which of this week's picks is your favorite?!

1. D E N I M  J A C K E T | I've shared this denim jacket many times and it's because I love it so much! I bought mine almost a year and a half ago. I wish I would have tracked how many times I've worn it because it's a lot! The fabric is so soft and it just keeps getting better with time. It's definitely an investment piece but if you are a denim jacket fan like me, it's a great piece for your closet!

2. B A G | I've owned this leather bag for four years and it also has just gotten better with time. I carry it year round and it's the perfect size. When I get asked which Madewell bag I would recommend, I always suggest this one. It can be carried on your shoulder or your arm or you can wear it as a crossbody like I am in the photo below. I also love changing out the strap!

3. Q U I L T E D  J A C K E T | I loved a super similar jacket from Free People last season but I never purchased it. This $40 option is equally as cute and it has a hood! I love having a hood on my jackets for when it gets chilly or it rains.

4. T O P | Isn't this top darling?! I always love a cute peplum top and I love the print/colors on this one. It would be great paired with high waisted denim to transition into fall.

5. S K I R T | I saw some of my Instagram friends share this recently and I absolutely love the sweater skirt! There's also a matching sweater so you can wear it as a monochromatic set!

6. T A N K | Every morning when I get up, I immediately put on workout clothes and if this tank is clean, it's my go-to. The fabric is incredibly soft and it doesn't cling to your body. I have it in two colors and I think I need an extra black one as a back up. Fits true to size.

7. S N E A K E R S | These sneakers are so fun! Y'all know I absolutely love the leopard print detail on the back. If you are in the market for a fun sneaker, these are it!

8. C L I P | It's been so hot in NC and while I love the warm weather, I have to have my hair pulled back most of the time. I have been twisting my hair up and securing it with a claw clip. This gold hair clip is so pretty! I need to add it to my hair accessory collection.

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Friday, August 13, 2021

Currently Loving .237

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Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week! This week my girls headed back to school as fourth and sixth graders. I can't believe that I have a sixth grader! I can vividly remember being a sixth grader myself and it's so crazy that I'm a mother to a middle schooler. Our first week has gone great and been full of newness. The girls are riding the bus for the first time ever and so far it's been a smooth process. Our drop off/pick off location is conveniently less than five minutes from our house (Julianna's school is almost 20 minutes away) so it's been great not living in my car as much!

Today, I'm sharing my weekly roundup of what I'm Currently Loving! I've been living in mostly workout clothes every morning but I have been trying to get dressed in "real clothes" by the afternoon when I go to pickup the girls. My favorite Goodwill is at our drop off/pickup spot so I get dressed up for a thrift run! I am still loving dresses; they have been my go-to for getting dressed!

Which of this week's picks is your favorite?!

1. B I K E  S H O R T S | I have tried so many bike shorts because they are favorite for working out, especially cycling and these are hands down the best pair that I have ever worn. I have them in the six inch and eight inch length but I personally prefer the eight inch. They are so comfy and so soft! I wear my true lululemon size in these which is a size up from my regular workout gear size.

2. S N E A K E R S | It's been a couple of years since I actually purchased running sneakers. Since I haven't been to the actual gym in a year and half, I haven't really been concerned about the condition of my sneakers. But, I've been getting my into my walks and garage workouts this week. I discovered that my sneakers are really in need of an upgrade because they are so worn down on the bottom. I currently have this pair in my cart. I love a classic black and white sneaker!

3. S H I R T | This shirt has been on my wish list for years (probably since I discovered Madewell) because it's such a classic piece. I finally invested in it back in the spring and it's one of my favorite tops in my closet! I love the oversized yet structured style of this piece. It runs slightly big but I stayed with my true size because it is a little fitted in the shoulders. I love it with denim!

4. N A P  D R E S S | I have been wanting a nap dress since I first saw one of my favorite bloggers styling one! It looked so comfortable yet put together... exactly my style! I finally ordered one last week and it arrived yesterday. I can't wait to wear this beauty!

5. R I N G | I love a simple statement ring for my ring hand and I've been wearing this one daily since May. It's so comfortable to wear! I'm a big fan of all of my Madewell jewelry. It holds up so well!

6. H E A D B A N D | Another roundup, another headband. I just can't get enough! But, they are so practical while being cute. I wear them for my workouts and my oldest daughter wears one of them everyday as well to keep our hair out of our faces. These polka dots are so fun!

7. B A G  S T R A P | My friend bought me this leopard bag strap a few years ago for my birthday and I still absolutely love it! It's still in great condition and adds such a fun pop of leopard to any look. I use it on my medium transport tote (my most favorite Madewell bag)!

8. S L I P  D R E S S | I rediscovered an old silk slip dress in my closet yesterday and it rekindled my love for slip dresses. I went on the hunt for a classic black one and found this $20! Slip dresses are perfect to wear now in the heat of the summer but they also transition nicely into fall by adding a denim jacket and a pair of ankle boots.

Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, August 6, 2021

Currently Loving .236


Happy Friday, y'all! Currently Loving is finally back! I have spent the past month working at summer camp so I put the blog on the back burner to focus on work (and rest). It was a fun-filled, exhausting three weeks! This was my oldest daughter's last experience being a student in the program! She has been attending as a student since the summer before she went to kindergarten (six years ago). Julianna is headed to sixth grade on Monday and Olivia will be a fourth grader. Time really needs to slow down! We are savoring this last weekend of summer!

Today, I'm back with my roundup of what I'm Currently Loving! I have literally been living in athletic wear and comfy pieces for the past month or so. Between vacation, mom life, and summer camp, I've just wanted to be as comfortable as possible! I'm sure y'all can relate to that feeling! 

nc blogger, mom style, style on a budget, summer style, madewell, lululemon

Which of this week's picks is your favorite?!

1. S K O R T | I recently purchased my first skort since elementary school and it's my new favorite! It has built in bike shorts that have little grippers on the inside to make them comfortably stay in place. I wore mine to work at summer camp but it's also great for working out or running errands! I'm a big fan!

2. S A N D A L S | You'll see this fun sandals pictured below in a weekend outfit that I recently wore. The color combo is so cute! I loved my white Tevas so much that I needed a colorful pair too.

3. C A R D I G A N | I can't believe I am posting a cardigan in August but we have actually had some cooler mornings here in NC lately. Like in the 60s! I typically sit outside every morning to have breakfast, coffee, and do my daily Bible reading. I was reaching for a cardigan a couple times this week! This budget friendly one is a great transitional piece that you can wear with shorts now or jeans later. I also like to wear these kind of cardigans buttoned up and front tucked. So versatile!

4. J E A N S | If I'm talking about cardigans then that also means that jeans season is right around the corner as well. I have literally not put on a pair of jeans since early May. I just don't wear them at all in the warmer months. I have been living in shorts, dresses, and skirts! But, the perfect vintage style is my go-to when it comes time to add the jeans back into my daily wardrobe. They are such a flattering fit! Size down one size from your typical denim size for the best fit.

5. N E C K L A C E S | Layering dainty gold necklaces is my favorite! If you want a layered necklace collection and fast, I love these sets! They make getting the layered look so easy.

6. T A N K | I am wearing this tank right now for the second time since it arrived less than a week ago! It has a built in bra (which I love) and I love the ribbed fabric. It comes in tons of colors but I went with the classic black. It also pairs well with denim so you can wear it for workouts and beyond! I went with my true lululemon size.

7. H E A D B A N D | I typically say that I really don't need a new headband but I honestly kind of do this time. My favorite leopard one got broken so I need to replace it! I am loving this option!

8. B A G | This bag is definitely my most carried bag this spring and summer. It's so perfect for hands free adventuring and errand running! I own it in two colors and it holds a surprising amount. A must have for sure!

Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!