Friday, June 18, 2021

Currently Loving .233


Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week! This is my last blog post before we take off for Puerto Rico! I am planning to spend my day packing and prepping for our trip (because we are definitely not ready yet). I am so ready for a trip filled with relaxation, sunshine, and fun!

Today, I'm sharing my weekly roundup of what I'm Currently Loving! This week's picks include many items that I already own or something super similar that I am loving in my closet lately.

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Which of this week's picks is your favorite?!

1. S W I M S U I T | I bought this suit (see below) last summer and it was my very favorite of the season! I also own the solid black version. It's such a flattering swimsuit! I love the wrap detail and the back has great coverage. I always recommend this suit!

2. S A N D A L S | I had never owned a pair of Birkenstock sandals until recently. I was looking for a sandal that would be comfortable, especially at work. These sandals are a game changer! They are so comfortable and mold to fit your foot. I'm typically an 8.5 and the size 39 is great for me.

3. K I M O N O | I love a leopard print kimono! It's such a versatile piece that is great for wearing over your swimsuit as a coverup or styled with a tank and denim shorts like I did last summer. The leopard kimono I have isn't available anymore but I am loving this one!

4. B R A C E L E T S | In the spring and summer I find myself wearing a lot more bracelets than any other time of the year. I think this is mostly because you can actually see my wrists right now versus being layered in cozy long sleeves during the wintertime. I got this bracelet set a couple months ago and I literally wear them every day! Such great quality for the price tag.

5. B A N D A N A | I love how a simple bandana can completely change up a look! Tie it onto your favorite bag for a pop of pattern/color or wear it in your hair for a new style.

6. S H O R T S | I jumped on the lululemon train last year and I'm hooked! These shorts were one of the first items I purchased and they are the best. I love the 5 inch length! I often find that running shorts are just way too short but they are perfect. I own them in gray and black!

7. B A G | Speaking of lululemon, this bag probably gets more use than any other bag I own! I love carrying bags crossed over (see below) because it just makes my belongings feel much more secure. I always carry a bag like this when I am out thrifting! When I bought mine, there were only a couple of colors but since then lululemon has released so many gorgeous colors. I need the pink one!

8. T O P | How darling is this peplum chambray top?! I love it! It would be so cute paired with any kind of high waisted jeans or shorts.

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Instagram Roundup .220

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Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, I shared my Puerto Rico packing list and do you know how many items I have actually packed? Zero. None. Not one thing, lol. We aren't leaving until Monday morning so I have some time to get it together but I had totally planned to have at least something packed by this point. Do you pack way in advance or last minute?!

Today, I'm sharing an Instagram Roundup, including what I've been wearing in the past couple of weeks. It's been so warm here so I have been living in shorts, dresses, and sandals. I am absolutely loving this sunny, eighty degree weather!

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Puerto Rico Packing List


Hey there! I hope you've had a good start to your week! My Monday was productive and I'm thankful for that because I've got to stay focused this week. It's officially less than a week until we leave for Puerto Rico and there's so much to do to prepare. We are taking the whole family so prepping for a family of four to fly is a big task! There's also, of course, some travel restrictions and paper work so we are trying to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row to make our travel go as smooth as possible. I'm excited for our trip but I know I won't be able to really enjoy the travel process it until we get there. 

This will be our second trip to Puerto Rico so I definitely feel like I know more of what to expect than I did that last time we went back in 2019. This trip will definitely be different because we opted to rent an AirBnB this time for a new experience. We got a cute apartment right on the beach and I'm hoping it's as great as it appears! I'll definitely be reporting back on that experience when we get back!

Now, on to the packing list. This list might be more for me than anyone else but it's helpful for me to organize what I'm taking with me plus I always love to see what others are packing for their trips! No matter how many packing lists I create, I always seem to forget something. Does this happen to anyone else? It never fails that I forget something that I really needed!

I will be living in swimsuits on this trip, especially because the place we are staying is right on the water. Besides beach time, we are planning to visit as many waterfalls as possible!

I don't think I'll really be getting dressed up much during our trip but my dresses are coming with me anyway. I have a feeling I will be living in running shorts and tanks for sure.

I'm not planning to take many bags because I really don't need many options and I don't have room in my luggage for extras. Packing for this trip is all about functionality!

I bought my new Teva sandals especially for our Puerto Rico trip. I really needed a pair on our last trip when we were visiting the rain forest and waterfalls. They will definitely come in handy this time!

I'm only packing my favorite accessories, which definitely includes my go-to sunglasses, a couple of headbands, and some gold jewels.

B E A U T Y   A N D  S K I N C A R E
Minimal makeup and sunscreen is where it's at as far as beauty goes on this trip. I have already been doing a super simple makeup routine of tinted moisturizer, concealer, and mascara.

I have books from last summer that I still haven't finished. Whoops! But, this trip will give me a chance to get my nose back into a book or two. I'm so looking forward to the rest and relaxation!

Thank you so much for visiting! Enjoy your day!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Five Favorites .10

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Hey y'all! I hope you had a great weekend! Ours included our Friday night tradition of Taco Loco, a cookout, thrifting, a sick kiddo, church, and DIY projects (well, most spray painting). Our weekend also included lots of outside time for me because I just don't want to be inside during the spring and summer. I love the sunshine and the warm weather so much!

Today, I'm restarting an abandoned Monday series on the blog called Five Favorites. This is a fun way to share five things that I'm loving that aren't necessarily clothes or accessories like my Friday posts. If you're local, be sure to check out these posts for great places to eat, drink, or play!

1. F R I E N D S H I P  P L A N T  C O. | I discovered Friendship Plant Co. during a visit to Brown Truck Brewery... probably back at the end of 2019. They had a cute little setup of succulents available for purchase and I had to have one. I think that's what really started my love for house plants! Fast forward to 2021... I have quite the collection and just picked up two more this past weekend! The owners are incredible. So kind and so generous. If you are local, be sure to follow them to find out where they will be popping up next!

2. W H I T E  S A N D A L S | These $10 white sandals are probably my most worn shoes in my closet. I put them on every single morning to go outside and check on my plants. They are such a good shoe for gardening but they are also perfect for the beach or the pool. I'm typically an 8.5 in shoes and the size 8 fits me perfectly. I highly recommend!

3. C R U S T L E S S  P I Z Z A | Yes, crustless pizza. Why? Well, for me it's because I'm gluten free but it's also great if you are just looking to cut carbs. One of our local favorites, Sir Pizza, will take any pizza and make it crustless for you. They pile all of the delicious toppings, including the cheese and sauce, in a aluminum container and bake it for you. No crust needed for a delicious meal!

4. T I N T E D  M O I S T U R I Z E R | I have been going for the no makeup kind of look lately, especially during this time of year. I have been using just this tinted moisturizer, concealer, and mascara. This tinted moisturizer is sensitive skin friendly and evens out your skin tone enough so that it reduces redness but still looks like you (if that makes sense). I love it!

5. S C R U N C H I E | Ladies with thick hair will definitely appreciate this oversized scrunchie! My oldest daughter and I have been taking turns wearing this scrunchie for the past few weeks. It's also really great for sleeping in because it doesn't leave a crease in your hair. It comes in lots of great colors but obviously, I had to have the leopard print one!

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you have a great Monday!

Friday, June 11, 2021

Currently Loving .232

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week! I have been keeping busy with summer camp prep, blogging, and being a mom taxi. I've also gotten to spend some one on one time with oldest daughter while my youngest has been at reading camp. I've even gotten Julianna to work out with me while we have been home together. She's quite competitive!

Today, I'm sharing my weekly roundup of what I'm Currently Loving! I am loving so much right now because dressing for spring and summer is the best. I thrive in warm weather!

With Style & Grace

Which of this week's picks is your favorite?!

1. B E L T  B A G | Now that we are getting out and about again, I really love having a belt bag for going places and running errands. Belt bags are perfect for thrifting!

2. H E A D B A N D | How many headbands is too many?! I have quite the growing collection but thankfully my girls (especially my oldest daughter) love them too! I can't stand when my hair is in my face so this is a perfect solution. This one is a great neutral to match all of your summer looks!

3. T O P | I always love a good black top! Throw it on with denim and you have a instantly put together look. The ruffle detail is so pretty on this one!

4. O V E R A L L S | I rediscovered my overall shorts this week and I had forgotten how comfortable they are. I sized up one size in mine for a relaxed fit!

5. G O L D  S A N D A L S | I bought these $20 sandals recently and I've already worn them a few times. I can verify that they are super comfortable! The gold strappy style goes with everything. I love pairing them with skirts and dresses!

6. A N I M A L  P R I N T  S A N D A L S | How fun are these animal print sandals?! They look so comfy, too! They would make any summer outfit complete!

7. E A R R I N G S | Almost all of my jewelry is from Madewell but it's such great quality for the price. All of my Madewell pieces have held up so well and still look just as good as they did when I got them. I need to add this pair of earrings to my collection!

8. D R E S S | A gingham dress is such a classic! I absolutely love this one but I actually still own a super similar one that I bought four years ago (that you can see below). You just can't go wrong with black and white gingham! I also still own the bag and shoes, too. 

Thanks for visiting! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Instagram Roundup .219

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Hey y'all! This is my third blog post this week! Can you even believe it?! Well, I can't. This is the first Instagram Roundup that I have shared since November of 2020. I can totally blame virtual learning on my lack of blog posts as well. I said it was lack of creativity or inspiration but virtual learning definitely cut into my blogging time. I typically work on my blog post while my girls are at school and before I go into work but my girls spent more time learning at home than at school this year. I am really hoping to keep this blogging momentum up because I really do love this space. Did you know that I have been blogging here since 2009?! That seems like a lifetime ago. I started this blog as a way to document my pregnancy with my oldest daughter and here we are in 2021! This blog has also had quite a few different names but it's been With Style & Grace since 2015. 

Today, I'm sharing an Instagram Roundup with some of my recent outfits. There's been a whole lot of looks since November but these are some of my personal favorites from the last month. As you will be able to tell right away, I have been loving dresses! Almost every time I've gotten dressed in the past month, I have thrown on a dress. I love an instant outfit and a dress is just that... it makes you instantly feel put together! I have added a few gorgeous dresses to my collection recently and they are making getting dressed even more fun.

Which of these looks is your favorite?!

Thanks so much for visiting! Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Thrifting 101

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Happy Wednesday! I'm back for the second day in a row with a post! A question I get asked commonly is how I find such good stuff at the thrift store?! Well, today I'm going to take you to my "thrifting 101" class to share 15 of my personal tips and tricks for having success at thrift stores. I have been thrifting since I was a little girl so I'm basically a professional at this point, lol. 

I love thrifting so much! I love the thrill of the hunt and never knowing what kind of treasure you might find is just so much fun! I focus most of my time on hunting for home decor items, either for myself or to resell in my Instagram shop. I absolutely love having a space that is full of treasures that I have collected throughout the years. My favorite items in my home are pieces that I have thrifted! I have also been asked how I avoid having a cluttered home since I go thrifting all of the time and my answer is that I get rid of stuff. If it's not serving our home anymore, it's got to go! Bring something in, take something out. 

I also get at least 50% of my kids clothing from thrift stores. I have had really great luck finding items for them and now that they are older, they have gotten really good at spotting great pieces, too! Also, like I mentioned yesterday, I have gotten back into thrifting clothing for myself as well. I am being super selective about pieces that I add to my closet by focusing on quality, fit, style, and uniqueness. I love finding one of kind, vintage pieces!

Ok, now for some of my tips and tricks for maximizing your thrifting experience...

1. Go often! To find the best stuff you have to go thrifting on a regular basis so that you don't miss out on any great finds. I'm pretty lucky and my favorite thrift store is less than five minutes away from my house. I always go at least once a week but sometimes I go three or four times in one week depending on my schedule. My store restocks multiple times a day so there's always something new to find.

2. There is usually a "best day" to go. For many of my thrift stores it's Mondays. A lot of people make donations on Saturdays and often the new stuff isn't put out until at least Monday. I have the least luck finding great items on Saturdays because that's when most people are out shopping at thrift stores.

3. There are certain times of the year to be sure to shop. I always go the last couple of weeks of December. Everyone is cleaning out their home for tax deductions. I've found amazing clothes, toys, home decor, and more! Also, spring is a great time to shop at thrift stores. Particularly around March when most people are doing their "spring cleaning." Their trash is your treasure.

4. Shop for the whole family! I find amazing clothes for the girls at thrift stores! Their entire outfits above were thrifted. We have found such cute things at the thrift store!

5. Look out of season. This especially works well for children because kids clothes don't ever really go "out of style" plus I try to buy classic pieces for my girls. I buy summer clothes in the winter and winter clothes in the summer. I've had such great luck with this! I bought so many gorgeous summer dresses for the girls this past winter. I've also found great coats in the heat of the summer.

6. Find out if your local thrift store has a customer savings program. For example, Goodwill has a Preferred Customer program. For $15 per year, you can save 10% every time you purchase donated goods! It will pay for itself in no time if you shop regularly. There's also certain days where your savings double and you get 20% off!

7. See if your thrift store runs any sales. Many thrift stores will discount certain color tags or items that have been in store for an extended period of time. I love a good sale!

8. Have something in mind that you are looking for to focus your search. It can be really overwhelming to enter a thrift store if you aren't used to digging through stuff to find a bargain. Focus on jeans if that's what you need or a certain item that you need for your home.

9. This one might seem silly but I have found it to be a helpful reminder: look up and look down. I have found some of the best items when I looked up at the very top shelves and when I've squatted down to see what's on the very bottom shelves. There are treasures hidden everywhere!

10. Sizing is so different from brand to brand so don't be afraid to try on a large if you typically wear a small. I've found some really great items by giving an item that wasn't my size a chance. The top in the picture above is 2-3 sizes bigger than what I normally wear but it fits me perfectly in this style!

11. Most people say they don't have the patience to go through all of the stuff so here's a trick I use. I look at the fabric. You can tell a lot about the quality of an item by just looking at the fabric. I don't bother even looking at anything that looks worn out, faded, or the fabric doesn't look like it's of good quality. Josh makes fun of me for this one, but I also just go down the aisle and touch the fabric to see if it's good quality. Good quality = good feeling fabric!

12. Look everywhere! I've found women's clothing in the men's and children's sections of the stores.

13. Check out the racks and carts of stuff that hasn't been put out yet. I always find amazing stuff there because no one has looked through it yet. My local thrift store always has these racks and carts out. The staff at my store never mind if go through them.

14. Styling your thrifted items is the fun part. I love mixing my thrifted items with items that I've found at regular retail stores. You can make a thrifted item work with the latest trends but more importantly it's such a budget friendly way to fill gaps in your wardrobe. If you know you need a pair of shorts or a black dress, key an eye out for those items to get them secondhand.

15. Being patient is essential. You won't find a ton of stuff that works for you or that you love every single time but don't get discouraged. A piece or two at a time is fantastic and sometimes I leave with nothing. Don't buy it if you don't love it because it will just hang in your closet and end up back at the Goodwill in a few months. Sometimes it's so tempting to buy it because it's cheap but if you don't love it then leave it!

Do you have any other great thrifting tips?! Be sure to share them with me if you do and thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a great day!