Saturday, November 12, 2011

i can brush my teeth!

Julianna is growing and learning so much every single day. In past couple of weeks, she has learned how to brush her own teeth. She hated when I brushed her teeth so I just gave her the toothbrush one night and she decided that she could do it on her own. Way to go, Julianna!

She's also talking so much more now. She has a pretty extensive vocabulary and has been putting words together to make sentences now. Her first real sentence was "I see ducks!" Mommy is very proud!

14 weeks

Pregnancy: 14 weeks

Weight Gain: 2 pounds.

Sleep: I need lots of it.

Gender: we'll find out in December! the Chinese gender calendar says a boy, I think it's a boy, but everyone else seems to think I'm having a girl. I guess we'll see!

Name: we have names picked out for both genders.

Feeling: tired but starting to get more energy. I'm also feeling less nauseous!

Health: blood pressure is great, weight gain is appropriate- things are going well!

Movement: even though it's early, I know I have felt a couple of flutters. I didn't recognize them until about 17 weeks with Julianna but I know what that feeling is now. I've heard from a few other moms that they were also able to feel baby sooner the 2nd time around.

Belly Button: in.

Next Appointment: at our last appointment we heard a healthy, strong heartbeat- 168! I will be going back the week of Thanksgiving for a checkup, as well as the week after for a blood screening, and then 2 weeks after that to have an anatomy scan! :)

Please excuse my toilet in the background :)