Tuesday, December 31, 2013

family: 2013 // our year in review

Today is the last day of 2013. The days always pass so slowly but the years seem to simply fly by. 2012 was a rocky year but 2013 has been a wonderful year for our little family. We have been very blessed in many different ways and we are so very thankful.

January: I began my job at The Dream Center and I love it. I love working part-time (about 16 hours per week) and being with my girls the rest of the time. It's the perfect balance for me and our family. So thankful for a great job that allows me to teach and work with children while still being able to spend a lot of time with my children too. This month Julianna went to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time (and my first time too). She also got her very first hair cut. Only a few inches off of the ends and she did great. 

February- Josh was offered a wonderful job! He was actually offered the job during the interview and began working right away. He was so blessed with this opportunity and we are very thankful for his job. We also went to the circus. It was our first time in many, many years and the first time for the girls. We all had a blast! 

March: Julianna turned 3 this month! She had a great time at her Hello Kitty birthday party at the bounce house and she also got to go to the Greensboro Children's Museum on her birthday. So much fun! Easter was also this month and both of the girls loved all of the fun festivities!

April: We took the girls to their first Grasshoppers baseball game. Julianna loved dancing to the music, eating hot dogs and ice cream, but she wasn't a fan of getting too close to the mascot.

May: Our little Olivia turned 1! We celebrated with pizza and spaghetti (her favorites) at Sir Pizza on her birthday. She also had a fun party at the park with friends and family. I also celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mother of 2 girls. Olivia was due on Mother's Day in 2012 but showed up a few days late. I'm so blessed to be their mommy!

June: We visited one of our favorite local spots, Millstone Creek Orchards for strawberry slushies and tire swing rides. We also celebrated Father's Day. The girls are so lucky to have such an awesome daddy!

July: Olivia started walking this month on our very first family beach vacation to Carolina Beach. We had such a wonderful time playing on the beach, trying new restaurants, visiting the aquarium, and playing putt putt with a 3 year old. Fun times!

August: We enjoyed lots of family time together. Including Saturdays at the downtown farmers market and park play time. Julianna also began taking ballet/tumble class this month. She loves dance class so much!

September: Julianna started going to preschool 3 mornings a week. She loves her teacher and enjoys interacting with the other children. My long time best friend, Brittney, got married this month. Julianna was the flower girl and I was a bridesmaid in her beautiful beach wedding in Folly Beach, SC.

October: Josh traveled to the Dominican Republic with our church's mission team for the third time. I'm so proud of his dedication to yearly mission work. He has been blessed and had blessed others through these trips. We also enjoyed lots of fall activities including pumpkin patches, trunk or treat, apple picking, and treat or treating. 

November: We enjoyed spending time with family during play dates and Thanksgiving dinner. We prepared our own meal for lunch at our house this year and our table was beautifully decorated with Julianna's creations from preschool.  

December: We enjoyed many fun holiday activities this month. We went to the Christmas parade, had a baby shower for Jesus with our mom group, went to Christmas on Sunset, had lots of time with our families, and enjoyed many of traditions at home. 

2013 has treated us very well. I have enjoyed every minute of watching my girls grow and interact with each other. Josh and I have grown closer and stronger as a couple. Welcome, 2014 and Happy New Year, everyone!

Friday, December 27, 2013

family: Christmas 2013

We have had a wonderful holiday season. So many fun Christmas celebrations in our community, at preschool, at our church, with our families, and in our home. Christmas gets better each year now that we have children. More magical and more meaningful. 

Julianna has learned so much about the true meaning of Christmas this year and it just warms my heart to hear her sing about Jesus. We both sang in our Christmas program at church this year and it was so special to be on stage with her. She did so great!  

We are so thankful for all of our blessings this Christmas. We have had such a wonderful year! Recap of 2013 coming soon! 

Merry Christmas!