Friday, January 27, 2012

potty training

We aren't officially potty training. Well, we are but we aren't. We've had a potty at the house since Julianna was about 14 months. Just to get her comfortable with it. We always sit her on the potty before bathtime. She's peed about 5 times total at home. Now, she talks about the potty and pee pee all of the time. But if you sit her on the potty, she either gets right off or just sits there and talk to herself. So I'm just really not sure if she's ready. And I'm not really sure when I'll know when she's ready. I think I need to read a book about it or something but this is just all so foreign to me. Well, it had been weeks since she used the potty at home or at daycare. Well, I got her report sheet yesterday and to my surprise, she peed on the potty! Woo hoo! Go Julianna! Wish us luck on this next adventure!

24 weeks

Pregnancy: 24 weeks.
Weight Gain: about 10 pounds...with my ice cream craving, I'm not so sure!
Sleep: good but still not enough.
Gender: it's a girl!
Name: Olivia Grace.
Feeling: tired... all of the time.
Health: good.
Movement: more frequent and stronger this week.
Size of Baby: papaya.
Cravings: ice cream!
Belly Button: in

24 weeks with Olivia.

24 weeks with Julianna.
The pictures above show the baby bump comparison between Olivia and Julianna. Pretty similar in size, but I feel like I'm carrying higher this time around. I'm still getting the comments that I don't even look pregnant and whatnot or that I'm soooo small. Ok people, a pregnant woman really doesn't want you to tell them that they don't look pregnant or that they're really small (size of belly) when they're 6 months pregnant. Well, at least I don't. It makes me feel insecure and wondering that things are not going as they should.
So here's my solution, tell every pregnant woman she's beautiful versus a making a belly comment! That's just my 2 cents! :)

maternity fashion: week 24

This week lacks outfit pictures. Sure, I had cute outfits but I was apparently too lazy to take pictures. It's been a long and exhausting week! So thankful for the weekend!

Dress: Non-Maternity, New York & Company
Tank Top: Maternity, Motherhood Maternity
Belt: thrifted
Boots: Belk

Top: Maternity, Target
Sweater: Non-Maternity, New York & Company
Pants: Maternity, Old Navy
Belt: Down East Basics

Saturday, January 21, 2012

our latest projects

Our main project at the moment is Olivia's room. Josh painted it yellow, a color that I picked out, but I'm just not sold on the color yet. I think it's just brighter than what I had in mind. We ordered her furniture this week--it's white so I'm hoping once we get everything in there and in it's place, the color won't seem quite so dramatic.

Olivia's room in progress. We have a lot to do!

BRIGHT yellow walls!

This is the prayer that I say with Julianna each night before bed. Julianna has a wooden plaque with this prayer on it in her bedroom--it's the same one that I had in my bedroom as a child. I order this canvas print from Etsy with the same prayer on it. It was about $10.00 with shipping. I bought the frame at a thrift store for $1.50. Josh spray painted it and now it's good as new. I love how this turned out!

I have done a project similar to this one before. It's recycled art using toilet paper rolls. It's cheap and so much fun to create. The last one I created was just an abstract design. This one has been a little more challenging because it's a flower. I have been working on it for about 2 weeks and I'm getting closer to being done. It's one of those projects when it's hard to decide when you're done. The flower will be pink and white. It's also for Olivia's bedroom.

It was time for a new wreath. I looked at my front door in mid-January and realized that I still had my Christmas wreath on the door. I found the pretty, polka dotted letter S at the thrifted store for just 50 cents! A little laquer and glue and it's good as new. I picked up the wreath at Wal-Mart for $3.00 and the green tulle for $2.50 (we didn't end up using much of the roll at all so I can use the rest for a future prokect). This was a very inexpensive way to spruce up the front door!

23 weeks

Pregnancy: 23 weeks.
Weight Gain: 10 pounds.
Sleep: good but never enough.
Gender: it's a girl!
Name: Olivia Grace.
Feeling: tired... all of the time.
Health: good... hoping to avoid the cold that Julianna has developed.
Movement: lots!
Size of Baby: papaya.
Cravings: I've wanted sweet tea with the crunchy ice this week.
Belly Button: in

maternity fashion: week 23

Non-Maternity Top: Wal-Mart
Maternity Jeans: Old Navy
Necklace: Street Vendor in the Domincan Republic
Shoes: Sperry's, Ross

Top: Non-Maternity, Target
Belt: Target
Leggings: Non-Maternity, Wal-mart
Boots: Charming Charlie

Top: Maternity, Motherhood Maternity
Belt: Thrifted
Tank Top: Maternity, Motherhood Maternity
Pants: Maternity, Sears
Boots: Rack Room Shoes

Sweater: Non-Maternity, Thirfted, Lia Molly ($1.75!!)
Top: Non-Maternity, Thrifted, Charlotte Russe
Pants: Old Navy
Boots: Charming Charlie

Saturday, January 14, 2012

love at first bite

It's the simple things in life. As I've become an adult, I've been able to realize that more and more. Yesterday afternoon, I was starving afterschool, as usual. I was sitting at my desk waiting for time to leave. I pulled an apple out of my lunchbox. Peeled the sticker off. Ripped out the stem. Then took a huge bite. I pulled it away from my mouth and saw a perfect heart. It was "love at first bite"... a pretty heart and a delicious tasting apple. What a nice way to end my workday. As I looked at that apple, it just made me feel really happy. Who knew an apple could bring such happiness? I was reminded of all of my many blessings. A wonderful family, husband, daughter, and another precious little girl on the way. What more could you want?!

Friday, January 13, 2012

maternity fashion: week 22

Look! I kept up with my maternity outfits for a second week in a row! I am feeling soooo much better now. Finally, no more morning sickness! I haven't had to take any nausea medicine in over a week. Feeling better in the morning = more outfit pictures after I get ready! Woo hoo!


Top: Non-Maternity, Wal-Mart
Sweater: Non-Maternity, thrifted
Pants: Maternity, Sears
Boots: Rack Room Shoes


Hoodie: Maternity, Motherhood Maternity
Pants: Maternity, thrifted, Old Navy
Tank Top: Non-Maternity, Old Navy
Shoes: American Eagle


Sweater: Non-Maternity, thrifted, Izod
Skirt: Maternity, Old Navy
Tank Top: Maternity, Motherhood Maternity
Boots: Belk


Top: Maternity, Target
Pants: Maternity, thrifted, Motherhood Maternity
Shoes: American Eagle


Dress: Non-Maternity, Ross
Boots: Belk

Thursday, January 12, 2012

22 weeks

Pregnancy: 22 weeks
Weight Gain: 10 pounds... the last 5 pounds all appeared in the past 4 weeks!
Sleep: great!
Gender: it's a girl!
Name: Olivia Grace
Feeling: good but exhausted!
Health: blood pressure was excellent on Wednesday.
Movement: lots of flutters and thumps!
Size of Baby: spaghetti squash and I'm measuring at exactly 22 weeks.
Cravings: Mexican food and fruit...and sour candy
Belly Button: in.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

thrifty: sweaters

I made a quick stop by the local Goodwill on my way home. I saw a dress there on Sunday that I wanted to try on. Well, the dress didn't really fit because it wasn't maternity and it was quite fitted. I didn't think it would look that great when I'm not pregnant either so that dressed stayed at the Goodwill. I browsed through the rest of the store while I was there. Found an Elmo book for Julianna- which she adores. I also found 2 sweaters. They are sooooo different than anything I own. I was drawn to their fun designs. I did a quick Google search while I was in the store and found out that these particular sweaters retail pretty high. The reviews for quality were also were good too so I adopted these cute sweaters!

Only $1.75!!

Adorable coin purse pocket detail.


Lia Molly brand.

Friday, January 6, 2012

maternity fashion: week 21

As with my last pregnancy, I refuse to look fruppy while pregnant. I really still try to look cute even when I'm feeling like a balloon. I think maternity outfits can still be cute and I have been determined to still look my best each day. I have been mixing a combination of non-maternity and maternity items... and of course, thrift store finds! Here's 4 outfits from week 21 of my pregnancy.

Maternity Denim Skirt: Old Navy
Non-Maternity Gray Cardigan: Old Navy
Non-Maternity Purple Top: Charming Charlie
Boots: Belk

Maternity Brown Dress Pants: Kohls
Non-Maternity Yellow Cardigan: thrifted; American Eagle
Boots: Charming Charlie

Maternity Gray Pants: Sears
Non-Maternity Gray Sweater: thrifted; Express
Non-Maternity Black Shirt: Target
Scarf: Wal-Mart

Maternity Black Dress Pants: thrifted
Maternity Black Tank Top: Motherhood Maternity
Non-Maternity Yellow Sweater: New York & Company

the adventures of JuJu

There is seriously never a dull moment with a toddler around. I can't imagine what it's going to be like around here once a newborn enters the picures. Most likely the most amazing chaos ever.

The other night she discovered a cabinet in the kitchen that she hadn't explored yet. It has a small shelf inside of it and she was determined to put herself on that shelf. Well, mission complete. After a few attempts she did it and daddy was there to capture it all.

Fresh Beat Band is a favorite at our house. We all enjoy watching it- but no one loves it more than Julianna. She dances to every song and has even memorized some of their dance moves. It's so much fun to watch her shake it. Hilarious! Well tonight, she was dancing so hard that she tripped over Josh's shoes and busted her lip. She cried for about a minute and then was ready to go again. Poor thing had a swollen lip- pretty sure this was the first one. I know it had to hurt because she kept licking it all night. Hope it heals fast!