Thursday, May 16, 2013

Olivia: 12 months

Happy 1st Birthday, Olivia Grace! The past year has flown by but I have loved every single minute of watching this sweet girl grow into a joyful little one year old! Her blue eyes light up any room and her smile is contagious! You can't help but be filled with happiness when you are with her!

She can stand independently for long periods of time and has taken a few steps by herself. She is a fast crawler and loves to climb. This little lady is always on the move and loves to get into everything, particularly toilet paper!

Olivia loves food of all kinds. There isn't much that she won't eat but she's still a nursing champ. 12 months and going strong! I'm so proud of us! We made it a full year!

Her favorite things are her daddy, playing with her big sister, cuddling with mommy, puppies, splashing in the water, dancing to Wheel on the Bus, giving big open mouthed kisses, clapping her hands, and chatting with everyone!

Her first word was definitely "dada" but since then she says mama, nana, and dog dog on a regular basis. She has also gotten really good at mimicking what I say and do.

Olivia weighs 20 lbs. and is 27.5 inches. Average weight and a little on the short side but she definitely doesn't have tall parents so she may just be a petite girl. She is developing right on track. We are so thankful for such a healthy baby girl!

Happy Birthday and I know you can't wait to dive into your first cupcake tonight!

at 6 weeks old
and today on her first birthday!