Sunday, March 19, 2023

We Are Moving!

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Hey y'all! If you know me personally then this is old news but I wanted to write up a post to share about our move and answer some frequently asked questions. Also, we don't plan to do this again for a really, really long time so I thought it would be fun to document the process to look back on.

Ok, first up: where and why?

My husband was offered a job at the coast with a new company. He's in the safety field and accepted a new position in that field in a brand new *to him* industry. He's really excited for this new challenge! Our ten-fifteen year plan was to move to the coast once the girls were out of school but this was an opportunity we just couldn't pass up. If you know us, you know that the Soto's love an adventure and this certainly will be one! He starts his new job at the beginning of April and we are praying it's a great transition for him.

Next, are the girls excited?

Yes... and they are also nervous. Basically, we are all feeling the same way. It's definitely bittersweet to leave our hometown and the area we all grew up. Walking away from our current jobs is really hard, too. But, the girls understand that we have made this decision with careful consideration and LOTS of prayer. The girls will be finishing out their school year at their current school so the girls and I won't officially be moving until the end of May. They also have school performances and a dance recital that they definitely don't want to miss. I just couldn't imagine having them start a brand new school in a brand new town for just the last few weeks of the school year. The girls and I will be staying with family during this transitional time.

Also, where are you moving to and have you found a house?

We are moving to Jacksonville, NC, which will be about half an hour from Josh's job. At the beginning of March, we visited the Jacksonville area and loved it. We also planned that trip to do some house visits. We fell in love with a home that we toured! It was a house I found on Zillow and I couldn't stop thinking about it. It just seemed *so perfect* for our family. We loved it even more in person and the girls were already choosing rooms during our showing. We are currently under contract on that house and should close on it in about a month or so. Our home is currently on the market and we are hoping to be under contract on it soon!

And, which beaches are close by?

The closest beaches are North Topsail, Surf City, and Emerald Isle. I am already looking forward to very frequent beach days! The beach is about 25-30 minutes away from our future home in Jacksonville. So, it's close to go to often but far enough away that we won't get tired of it... if that is even possible for me. I honestly don't think I could ever get tired of going to the beach!

I'll definitely be sharing more details as our journey progresses. We are currently in the nitty gritty of home selling and home buying. It's quite the process! Here's to new adventures!

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  1. I am excited for your family's new adventure. God bless your journey.