Thursday, January 29, 2015

review: sole serum

Sole Serum

I love wearing heels but I'm not a fan of how my feet feel in them after a few hours. I was thrilled to receive Sole Serum in the mail to try and review. Sole Serum is a product that targets foot pain and helps to provide instant relief for your aching feet, especially caused my our high heels! I had never even heard of this product before receiving it. It almost sounded too good to be true...

How It Works {via Sole Serum}

"With a blend of natural and active ingredients, your feet will be free of pain for up to two hours per use. Whether you’re standing on your feet all day, running errands, or simply making your way through the work day, foot pain can occur in even the most comfortable and sensible shoes. Sole Serum is the perfect solution, with its blend of natural and active ingredients to safely relieve foot pain for up to two hours per use. The power of lidocaine not only blocks the foot’s pain signals from reaching the brain, but also helps to reduce inflammation. We’ve also included natural ingredients to help soothe your skin and leave your feet feeling refreshed."

How to Apply {via Sole Serum}

When your feet start to hurt, follow these simple steps to relieve your foot pain

Step 1: Apply two pumps of Sole Serum where your feet feel pain, then treat yourself to a tiny foot massage

Step 2: Wait just 60 seconds for your feet to dry

Step 3: Slip your shoes back on, wash your hands, and in 10 minutes you will feel like you’re walking on clouds again

My Review

I've been using Sole Serum for a full week. A full week of less than comfortable foot wear. I applied the serum as directed when I first felt any foot pain {I kept it handy in my purse} and then within 10-15 minutes, I felt relief thanks to the amazing essential oils and lidocaine. I'm pretty sure it also kept my feet smelling fresher, as well. I would definitely recommend Sole Serum to anyone who wears heels on a regular basis or sore feet from walking/standing a lot during the day. I hope you get great results like I did!

{I received Sole Serum for free to try and review. All of the opinions above are mine unless otherwise stated.}

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