Thursday, January 31, 2013

Olivia: chompers

The past few weeks haven't made for good sleep around our house. Olivia was up every hour or 2 all night long. Very exhausting! Well I took a peek into her mouth on Tuesday morning and discovered the culprit for the lack of sleep. FOUR top teeth are coming in all at the same time! Two of them have broken through and the other two are very close. No wonder she wasn't happy. During our sleepless nights, I finally ordered a Baltic amber teething necklace. I had heard so many great things about them and figured we didn't have anything to lose but maybe a little sleep and comfort to gain. The necklace came in the mail yesterday. So far, so good. If nothing else, it looks adorable on Olivia!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Olivia: 8 months

Olivia turned 8 months old this month! She's growing oh so fast and developing such an amazing personality. She can crawl! It's not perfect yet but she can definitely get to where she needs to go and fast! She enjoys eating pureed foods twice a day and loves finger foods- puffs, yogurt melts, and fresh bananas and strawberries. Her sweet smile brightens our days!