Friday, January 27, 2012

potty training

We aren't officially potty training. Well, we are but we aren't. We've had a potty at the house since Julianna was about 14 months. Just to get her comfortable with it. We always sit her on the potty before bathtime. She's peed about 5 times total at home. Now, she talks about the potty and pee pee all of the time. But if you sit her on the potty, she either gets right off or just sits there and talk to herself. So I'm just really not sure if she's ready. And I'm not really sure when I'll know when she's ready. I think I need to read a book about it or something but this is just all so foreign to me. Well, it had been weeks since she used the potty at home or at daycare. Well, I got her report sheet yesterday and to my surprise, she peed on the potty! Woo hoo! Go Julianna! Wish us luck on this next adventure!


  1. Yeah, what a big girl. I think they let you knoe when they are ready. If you ask her to try to go and she frequently urinates then go with it. If every time is a fuss or she does not seem interested wait a few weeks and try again. Griffin is getting more consistent at going but he still does not come up to me and say he needs to go. If we are home I just ask him about once an hour if he wants to try to go on the potty. If he does I of course praise him!