Tuesday, January 10, 2012

thrifty: sweaters

I made a quick stop by the local Goodwill on my way home. I saw a dress there on Sunday that I wanted to try on. Well, the dress didn't really fit because it wasn't maternity and it was quite fitted. I didn't think it would look that great when I'm not pregnant either so that dressed stayed at the Goodwill. I browsed through the rest of the store while I was there. Found an Elmo book for Julianna- which she adores. I also found 2 sweaters. They are sooooo different than anything I own. I was drawn to their fun designs. I did a quick Google search while I was in the store and found out that these particular sweaters retail pretty high. The reviews for quality were also were good too so I adopted these cute sweaters!

Only $1.75!!

Adorable coin purse pocket detail.


Lia Molly brand.

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