Friday, January 27, 2012

24 weeks

Pregnancy: 24 weeks.
Weight Gain: about 10 pounds...with my ice cream craving, I'm not so sure!
Sleep: good but still not enough.
Gender: it's a girl!
Name: Olivia Grace.
Feeling: tired... all of the time.
Health: good.
Movement: more frequent and stronger this week.
Size of Baby: papaya.
Cravings: ice cream!
Belly Button: in

24 weeks with Olivia.

24 weeks with Julianna.
The pictures above show the baby bump comparison between Olivia and Julianna. Pretty similar in size, but I feel like I'm carrying higher this time around. I'm still getting the comments that I don't even look pregnant and whatnot or that I'm soooo small. Ok people, a pregnant woman really doesn't want you to tell them that they don't look pregnant or that they're really small (size of belly) when they're 6 months pregnant. Well, at least I don't. It makes me feel insecure and wondering that things are not going as they should.
So here's my solution, tell every pregnant woman she's beautiful versus a making a belly comment! That's just my 2 cents! :)

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  1. Agreed, when I went to Christmas parties people told me I barely looked pregnant although I was 9 months! I felt pregnant and I felt huge, it made me think that Ava wasn't growing or that my body wasn't giving her what she needed. I constantly asked Josh if I looked fat or pregnant because obviously there were some people that couldn't tell the difference