Saturday, November 12, 2011

14 weeks

Pregnancy: 14 weeks

Weight Gain: 2 pounds.

Sleep: I need lots of it.

Gender: we'll find out in December! the Chinese gender calendar says a boy, I think it's a boy, but everyone else seems to think I'm having a girl. I guess we'll see!

Name: we have names picked out for both genders.

Feeling: tired but starting to get more energy. I'm also feeling less nauseous!

Health: blood pressure is great, weight gain is appropriate- things are going well!

Movement: even though it's early, I know I have felt a couple of flutters. I didn't recognize them until about 17 weeks with Julianna but I know what that feeling is now. I've heard from a few other moms that they were also able to feel baby sooner the 2nd time around.

Belly Button: in.

Next Appointment: at our last appointment we heard a healthy, strong heartbeat- 168! I will be going back the week of Thanksgiving for a checkup, as well as the week after for a blood screening, and then 2 weeks after that to have an anatomy scan! :)

Please excuse my toilet in the background :)

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