Sunday, August 8, 2010

splish splash

Josh had to open and run one of my family's stores. My parents own two convenient stores in case anyone didn't already know that. One of my dad's employees at the second store was on vacation so Josh filled in. He said it was crazy busy all day long!

While he was there, he called to let me know that he was supposed be online at 10am for the Fantasy Football draft on yahoo. Well, the computer at the store didn't have Flash installed and he couldn't get it to download so... he recruited me to make his picks for me. Now, I'm a girl who knows absolutely nothing about football, well I know a little. There's a quarter back, kicker, tight end, running back, wide receiver, a touchdown is worth 6 points, and they can kick for one extra point. That's it. That's all I know. Well, the guys take this Fantasy Football thing pretty darn seriously. So here I was, online with 6 guys, bidding on players for Josh's team-- the Wrecking Balls! It only 2 took hours out of my day! I thought this was a 5 minute deal but no, it wasn't. 2 hours. Apparently I got some good players so I think I did alright for my first FF draft. I'm such a good wifey!

Later on, Julianna and I met Brittney and her mom at the pool for fun in the sun. Julianna had a great time! She was so relaxed that she feel asleep in my arms while we were in the pool the first time. She had a bottle and then was ready to go back in. I haven't spent much time outside at all this summer because it's been too hot to have a newborn outside but now we're able to go out more. My poor shoulders are a lovely shade of candy apple red... it's beautiful. Not. I'm sure I'm going to peel like crazy!

Now we're off to North Ridge Church to praise our awesome God! Have an awesome Sunday everyone!

Swimming with dad.

Lovin' the pool.

Posing with mommy.

Already reading... she's going to be a book nerd like mom.

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