Friday, August 6, 2010

shopping trip cut short- updated with pics

Julianna and I just returned home. She's currently napping and I'm trying regroup myself.

The plan was to go by Goodwill then pick up a few grocery items from Wal-Mart. Well, we made it to Goodwill. Like I discussed in my last post, I NEED clothes for work. I've been living in t-shirts and exercise capris for the past 5 months with the occasional comfy dress thrown in. So I decided to browse while we were there dropping off our donation. Appartently, someone who wears the same size as me, donated tons of their barely worn Ann Taylor Loft dress pants!

I found 6 pairs to try on and Julianna and I headed to the dressing room because I didn't want to spend any money on something that wouldn't fit my hips. As soon as we get to the dressing room she has a total meltdown! Screaming, crying, yelling, repeat. Apparently it was so loud that a lady who works there came to knock on the door and asked if everything was alright. I told her yes and continued to try to calm Julianna down.

I ended up trying on 4 of 6 pairs of pants (while holding a finally calm baby) so I raced to the checkout before the chaos started all over again. The lady at the checkout was the one who knocked on the door. She told me that she was afraid that I left my baby in the dressing room alone. Eeeek! I would surely hope that no one would do that but I guess I appreciate her concern. But she had to have heard me in there shhhing and talking to Julianna to calm her down.

YAY for good deals! A pair of Ann Taylor Loft pants new costs about $60 so I did VERY good!



  1. I love Goodwill! Blog looks great Emily, I'm just catching up!

  2. don't worry, you are not the first mom that has happened to and you wont be last! if only you knew about the boy's meltdowns in walmart. terror!!