Saturday, August 14, 2010

recycled art

This piece of art is over 6 months in the making. I started collecting toilet paper rolls when I was pregnant with Julianna because I wanted to make something. I was feeling crafty. Well, I collected them for about a week or two then I forgot about this project. About a month ago, I discovered all of the rolls that I had collected and decided to finish this project up before it was time to go back to work.

I got the inspiration from this blog: I thought it looked really fun and best of all, easy to do! I wanted a piece of art for the hallway and the price of this was just right... it literally costs me nothing. I used toliet paper rolls and paper towel rolls, stuff I would normally just throw in the trash, I already had glue and scissors, and my imagination for the design was free too!

After finishing this project, I feel inspired to create something else. I've always wanted to paint. Maybe that will come next. Who knows when I'll actually have time to do anything fun like that?! I'm going back to work next week. Enjoy the pictures of my fun creation:


  1. When you said 'toilet rolls' I had a completely different idea of what it was going to look like...but it is awesome!

  2. It looks great...I can't wait to get home and expand mine a bit!