Saturday, August 21, 2010

first week complete

This week was Julianna's first week of daycare and my first week back to work after being out on maternity leave since March--5 months! The anticipation of leaving her at daycare to go to work was much worse than it actually was. It was very emotional on Monday but I feel really good about the daycare that she's staying at so that made it easier on me.

The first few days, she didn't nap at all. Maybe a total of 10 minutes all day long! That had me so worried because I didn't want her to be overly tired everyday and want to go straight to bed as soon as she got home. Thursday and Friday were better. She actually slept an hour and half total on Friday so we're headed in the right direction. Hopefully she'll be able to sleep better there as she gets more used to being there all day, everyday.

As far as school goes, I'm really excited to be back. I think this school year is going to be great. Right now, I have 17 students in my class. That may fluctuate in the next few days though due to students withdrawing or enrolling. School starts in 4 days and I have so much left to do. Open house is Monday so hopefully I'll get to meet most of my students then.

The photo below is one Josh took on his iPhone. He has a neat app on there called Color Splash and this was his creation today. Enjoy!

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