Monday, July 16, 2012

Thrifty: stripes

I am loving stripes and patterns right now. Several of the past few tops that I've thrifted have been stripes. I picked out a striped shirt yesterday for church and this morning to take Olivia to the doctor. Check out my almost completely thrifted striped outfits! Oh and maybe one day I'll wear my hair down again but with this super hot summer, humidity, and a newborn- up is the way to go!

Top: thrifted; Charlotte Russe
Tank Top: Old Navy
Shorts: thrifted; Gap
Earrings: The Jewel Box

Top: thrifted; Gap
Tank Top: Old Navy
Skirt: thrifted; Apt 9. Kohls
Necklace: Dominican Republic (I found this pretty necklace on our honeymoon!)

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