Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Health & Fitness: Day 10

Today is day 10. I'm pretty sure this is the longest I've ever stuck with an exercise/weight loss regimen. I'm pretty proud of myself! I know that I am making progress. Last night when I couldn't sleep after putting Olivia back to bed, I was wishing that I had taken a "before" picture. I did find a picture that was taken of me the week before I started my journey.
This was on June 26 at the zoo. I was 6 weeks postpartum and I weighed 150 lbs. So this is my "before" shot. I wish I would have taken one where you can see my arms and stomach better because both have definitely changed during the past 10 days. It's amazing what 10 tens of exercise and healthy eating habits can do. I'm excited to see what kind of results I get after 30 days.

And if there is one thing I will try to talk my daughters out of doing, it would be getting their belly button pierced. I thought it was great when I was 21. But after 2 pregnancies, it's not so cute anymore! I'm anti-belly button piercings now! Don't do it! (Unless you never want babies.)

Day 10 Exercise:
-20 minutes of the 30 Day Shred


  1. I could not agree more about the belly button piercing. I was hoping that since I took it out before I started showing I would be alright. Boy was I wrong!