Friday, July 20, 2012

Health & Fitness: Day 17, 18, and 19

Oops. I forgot to post Wednesday and Thursday. Well, I know why I didn't post on Wednesday. I was so sore from Tuesday that I didn't do the 30 Day Shred. I did some ab exercises but that was it. My legs were hurting so bad! But I got back into it yesterday and today with the motivation from my little cheerleader- my 2 year old. She pays attention to make sure I'm doing the same thing that they're doing in the video. If I'm still laying down and they're not, she says, "Mommy! Get up now!" She's too funny!

Day 17 Exercise:
-10 minutes of ab exercises

Day 18 Exercise:
-30 Day Shred

Day 19 Exercise:
-30 Day Shred

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