Saturday, June 18, 2011

take me out to the ballgame

To further celebrate Julianna being 15 months old... and YES, we celebrate EVERYTHING at the Soto house! Well, at least I do. Every happy thing is meant to be celebrated. We took Julianna with us to go to an Asheboro Copperheads baseball game. We met up with John and Amanda. We were concerned about bringing her because the game started at 7pm, Julianna's normal bedtime. To our surprise, she did GREAT! She had a wonderful time dancing to the music, talking to new people, and just taking in the sights. We stayed until after 9pm and then put her straight to be when we got home. She's actually still in bed as I type. 12 hours and counting. Her 15 month day of celebrating wore baby girl out!

And a picture from Julianna's first baseball game last year...

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