Friday, June 24, 2011

here we go...

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment with the baby-making doctor (aka ob/gyn). Amanda came with me to keep Julianna entertained in the waiting room. Last time I went there, Julianna was only 6 weeks old and could politely sit in the exam room with me. Not so much anymore! She's becoming such a big girl now. She did great in the waiting room. The receptionist even gave her a sticker for being good! Yay, Julianna!

Without giving all of the details of my appointment, Josh and I have decided to start trying for baby Soto #2. No hurry. No strict timeline. But we would love for Julianna to have a baby brother or sister. We have always planned for our children to be about 2 years apart and now's the time to make that happen. Please pray for us on this journey. We are so excited!

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