Wednesday, June 22, 2011

morning coffee

Oh how I love my morning coffee! Josh's dad bought us a Keuring coffee maker this past Christmas. It's amazing! We use the cups for it but you can also use whatever ground coffee you want.

Every morning, I drink one cup of coffee. During the school year, I used travel mugs so I could have my coffee on the go. But now, I get to enjoy my coffee from my cute coffee mugs. This morning I chose a yellow polka dot one that I found at a thrift shop forever ago. It was The bright yellow and polka dots much have appealed to her eyes too. As soon as I was done, I sat it on the side table and then she came over and snatched it before I had a chance to move it away from her.

Unfortunately, after exploring with my cup... it broke. She stood up. Dropped it. It smashed. And then she said "uh oh"... then mommy cleaned up the mess. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! At least we both enjoyed my yellow mug on it's last day.

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