Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy 15 months, Julianna Hope!

Yesterday, we celebrated Julianna turning 15 months. She was 5 months old when she started daycare and her last day for this "school" year, she turned 15 months. Time is flying by and from what I'm told it will continue to fly even faster.

I took her to daycare a little later than normal. She wanted to sleep in. Then I ran errands and cleaned the house. My house hasn't been this clean in months! Then I picked her up early. When I got there it was in the middle of nap time. All of the other babies were sleeping... except for Julianna! She was sitting in the dark beside one of her teachers playing with a cell phone. She slept for 45 minutes and then was ready to play. Go figure... she had to do it up big for her last day! That's my girl! :)

After daycare, she went to the doctor. She weighs 21 pounds and 8 ounces. I can't remember how tall she is but her weight, height, and head circumference are all within the 25th percentile. So she's very proportional... just still on the petite side. The doctor had no worries that she wasn't walking all on her own yet. She said she definitely has the motor skills to do it independently and she will walk alone when she's ready. We are just encouraging her by carrying her less and letting her walk holding on our hand more.

And then came those dreaded shots. Aunt Shandi gave them to her this time and Julianna wasn't happy before or after the experience!

After the doctor, my plan was to go Father's Day shopping. But that didn't work out. She was way to grumpy to go out in public. We made a quick trip to the post office, ate a snack in the car, and then headed straight home. After an hour nap, she was as good as new! She even tried hommus and loved it... just wish I could get her to eat all of her yummy fruits and veggies.

Happy 15 months, Julianna! You make mommy and daddy so happy! We love you more than you could ever imagine! :)

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