Tuesday, June 21, 2011

pool playtime

Julianna experienced her first "real" pool experience of the season. She's played in kiddie pools in the past couple of weeks but not a real pool.

Amanda and I took her to Bur Mil Aquatic Center. It was about a 35 minutes drive but so worth it! Here's what they have (via their website):
  • Zero entry - Beach-like area with a gradually sloping gradient
  • Interactive water features - Kids control water pressure and pull ropes for a splash
  • Splash pad - An area with no standing water and various play features that spray water
  • Vortex - A feature within the pool that circulates swimmers with a current
  • Family changing areas - Larger changing rooms for visitors with small children
  • Therapy bench - Take a seat and let the water jets give your back a massage
  • Tot slides - Two slides for the younger children to enjoy
  • Diving boards - Boards for the older children and adults
  • Funbrellas - Large umbrellas to protect patrons from the sun
Here's a few pictures from their website:
We got there before it opened to be sure that we would get a chair under the giant umbrellas and we successfully did. Julianna spent 2 hours happily playing! I was so worried that we'd get there and she'd have a meltdown but she did great. She got fussy around 1pm so I knew it was time to go. She was exhausted and passed out the whole way home and still went back to sleep once we got home. Fun day!

Waiting in line before they opened. It was HOT so she didn't mind her hat for once!

Julianna with her godmother, Amanda.

Ready to play in the pool!

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