Wednesday, June 22, 2011

goodbye, birds... hello, grilled chicken

During Memorial Day weekend, we discovered a bird nest in our grill. It was a nest of baby Wren eggs. Tiny little eggs, tiny little mommy bird. She took great care of her nest and her baby birds when they hatched. We watched them as eggs, newborn birds, and much bigger baby birds this weekend. Yesterday, as we were letting the dogs in. Josh spotted one of the baby birds trying to fly under our deck. It was stubbling, unsteady, and nervous. Reminded me of little Julianna trying to walk. Not sure if the baby bird ever made it into the air last night but it was so cute watching it try to get there. Our little nest has been another reminder of God's love and another one of those reminders that He's there, smiling over us. The miracle of life from baby birds to baby boys and girls, is just amazing.

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