Saturday, June 25, 2011

funday friday

During summer vacation, everyday is funday. Julianna and I had another great day yesterday. We slept in til 8. Had breakfast together. We played outside with bubbles and then inside.

She loves to play with the pillows and blanket on the floor. She rolls around and hides. Next, she took a 2.5 hour nap.When Julianna naps, I can get so much done! I got all of the housework done and got dinner prepped. Even had time to sit down and relax!

After napping, we visited nana (my mom). We played with her wind chimes and looked at her roses. Then spent some quality girl time just talking and exploring her treasures inside. Finished up our outing with a trip to Walmart for groceries. Julianna was so well-behaved (which is rare in Walmart)! So many commented on her adorableness. She was rockin' that outfit + red bow yesterday! Yes, it was definitely funday Friday!

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