Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Another week completed at the Soto house. This week has been really HOT... literally very, hot. Our upstairs air conditioning unit has been out of order for over a week. It was completely miserable up there... over 83 degrees at bedtime! It was finally fixed today. I am so thankful to be able to live in an air conditioned home. Thank you Lord for allowing us so many blessings!

The picture above is of the lima beans plants my students and I grew. We have beens studying soil, seeds, and plants for a few months now. Our last activity was germination of seeds. We put a seed wrapped in a wet paper towel inside of a ziploc bag. We taped the ziploc bag to our window. About a week later, we took the germinated seed out of the bag and planted them in cups of soil. Some of the plants didn't make it but some of others grew like crazy! Within 2 weeks, one of the plants was over 15 inches tall! Apparently Mrs. Soto's class has a green thumb!

In other school news, this coming week is the last day of the school year. We will be voting for our "Soto Superlatives" on Monday. It's similar to the superlatives you do in high school but only positive categories. I did this my first year of teaching and it was a hit. Every student gets a superlative so it's a lot fun. The kids will vote on Monday and they will receive their awards during our own classroom awards ceremony.

Earlier this week, Josh and I decided on turkey burgers for dinner. He bought a new propane tank and then went outside to hook it up. When he lifted the grill lid, he discovered a bird nest full of eggs. Needless to say, we won't be grilling for awhile!

In other news, Julianna can finally stand on her own. She won't do it for long though, usually no more than a minute. But she's making progress! She loves pushing around her baby doll stroller.

We also bought her a baby pool on Monday to play in. It was a negative. She hated it. I think it could have been because the water was so cold. She loves water otherwise so I'm definitely going to try it again soon. But she did enjoy her baked beans later that evening...

 And a few pictures of Julianna this morning:

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