Friday, June 4, 2010

apparently juju is a baseball fan

josh and i met up with our friends, john and amanda to take julianna to her very first baseball game. we went to see the copperheads play at mccrary park. before we left for the game, i was worried that taking her with us was going to be a diaster. pretty much every night between 7pm and 9pm, julianna has her colicky time and nothing will soothe her. this was the time when we would be at the game so i just knew she was going to fuss the whole time. well, i was wrong!!!

i don't believe she let out one cry the entire time we were there (6:40pm-9:40pm)! she was very content- either sleeping or looking around. she must have enjoyed the loud music and all of the other sounds around her. so we'll probably be going to another game soon. we all had a great time... even though the copperheads lost.

now we've got to run errands and finish packing 'cause we're going to the beach tomorrow!!!!

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