Friday, June 25, 2010

coupon savings!!

i got all if this...

for $1.76 (+ tax)!!!!

i love shopping with coupons. here's how i got my savings:

tide 64 loads: 10.94 x 2 = $21.88

pampers 72 count wipes: 1.97 x 4 = $7.88

subtotal: $29.76

-2.00 off coupon for pampers wipes x 4

(now here's where the savings get even better)

-10.00 off coupon for crest whitestrips x 2

(you can use those coupons for proctor & gamble brand items that are over $10! this always works in the wal-mart self-checkout line!!!)

-$28.00 for a total of $1.76 (+ tax) for 4 packs of wipes and 2 bottles of laundry detergent!

i call that shopping trip a SUCCESS! oh, how i love coupons!

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