Saturday, June 19, 2010

her hair is falling out!

Well, our little Julianna is FINALLY losing some of that hair that has covered her arms and back since she was born. She's starting to look like like a furry little monkey baby and more like a little girl! While I was drying her off after her bath last night, the hair was just coming right off as I wiped her skin with the towel (wish the hair on my legs would do that--I could save so much time shaving). The hair on her head is thinning out too. She has a few bald spots but I have a feeling that when it comes back it, it'll be even darker since Josh and I both have such dark hair.

Julianna is now officially in size 0-3 months. She's outgrown all of her newborn clothes. Our little peanut is getting big(ger)!

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