Thursday, June 3, 2010

ready for some sun and sand

julianna and i visited nana for a few hours on tuesday and we had a great time! juju even posed for a pretty picture:
we've also been prepping for our beach trip. we're leaving on saturday and staying until wednesday afternoon. i'm so excited for julianna's first beach trip! the family rented a beach house for the week! myself, josh, julianna, maw maw & paw paw spaugh, dustin, shandi, dylan, adam, tonda (& baby in the oven), alyssa, johnnie, crystal, lexi, harmony, ashley, derrick, and trent we'll be spending some quality time together... at myrtle beach!!! i ordered a little outdoor cabana that protects her from UV rays online. it should be here today... let's hope it arrives before departure. julianna also has a cute little swimsuit to show off her beach body in!

now it's time for errands!

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