Thursday, June 17, 2010

3 months old today!

HAPPY 3 MONTHS to Julianna Hope!

Julianna is 3 months old. It's so hard to believe that my little lucky charm was born 3 months ago! Time flies when you're having so much fun! She found her feet this week and she thought they we're just the coolest thing. The three of us were headed to Greensboro to do some shopping and Josh saw her staring down. She watched her feet and got really excited when she kicked them. It was adorable!

I had to go to work today. I'm working on the third grade curriculum for 3 days. It's good to get back into teaching related activities (+ the extra money is nice). I've missed it and it's much better now because we I get done--I get to see my Julianna! I'm thrilled that I have a career that I love (most of the time) and I also have the BEST job in the world, being a mommy! Life is good!

As for the good news I was referring to last week, it's official and I can really announce it. Josh got a new job! He's going to the director of safety for Unifi, Inc. This job means a lot of things-- better pay, more "normal" work hours, indoors, and more time with family! We are so thankful that God answered our prayers. Josh put in his 2-week notice at his current job today and he'll begin at Unifi on July 7. Now, we can relax!

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