Wednesday, June 30, 2010

girls afternoon out

Julianna is wearing another new outfit today. She has sooooo many cute clothes thanks to hand-me-downs and baby shower gifts... and her mommy's bad shopping habit. After we took these pics, we met Charity for lunch at San Felipe for some girl time. Julianna fought her sleep but eventually passed out in my arms at the table. Then we went over to Burke's Outlet to buy a fitted crib sheet. I picked that out then Charity spotted this super cute pink polka-dotted giraffe. So I showed it to Julianna, she grabbed for it, then stuck it in her mouth so needless to say we had to purchase it. Her slobber was allllll over that thing! That was the first time she's ever reached for or grabbed a stuffed animal. Her new giraffe's name is Ginny. I think they'll be friends for a long time!

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