Sunday, February 5, 2023

Hair and Beauty Bag .23

Hey y'all! Wow... it's been months and months since I have posted here. My last post was in August and I'm so excited to get back into blogging! I have so many ideas for posts to write on a variety of topics that I love. First up, hair and beauty. The last time I shared one of these hair and beauty bag roundups was back in August of 2020. That seriously feels like a lifetime ago! 

First, let's talk hair. I just got mine done this past Friday and it always feels good to have fresh hair! My stylist has been gradually lightening up with some fun caramel pieces so I refer to my latest hair coloring as "caramel fudge brownie" lol. The cut is long concave layers with framing around my face. I have been getting this particular cut since last April and it's my favorite of all time. It lightens up the weight of my thick hair and it gives my hair movement as well.

For washing, I currently wash about every three days... sometimes four. I used to go at least a week but I gave up dry shampoo awhile back. It was making my scalp so dry, no matter what brand I used so I decided to say goodbye. It took my hair a couple of months to recalibrate without it but my scalp is so much healthier now. I also switched to a fragrance free shampoo and conditioner over a year ago because of my extremely sensitive, eczema prone skin. It was another game changer for me!

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Haircare Favorites:

Now, let's talk skincare and makeup. Like I mentioned above, I have seriously sensitive skin and I get patches of eczema often (well, I did... not so much anymore after years of trial and error). My skincare is super simple but it's been incredible effective. In the morning, I rinse my face with just water, apply my face oil, and a little petroleum jelly on eczema prone areas of my face. At night, I remove my makeup with a makeup remover cloth, cleanse with a fragrance free face wash, apply my face oil, some sensitive skin friendly moisturizer, and a little petroleum jelly on those eczema prone areas again.

The face oil that I use twice a day is really the star of my skincare show. I start with jojoba oil as the base and fill my dropper bottle about 2/3 of the way full. Next, I add my favorite oils: geranium, tea tree, lavender, and valor (because of the blue tansy that is great for your skin). There are other great essential oils for your skin but those are a few of my favorites. I always avoid citrus oils in my face oil because they make your skin more sensitive to the sun. I order all of my essential oils (and so much more) from Young Living.

Skincare Essentials:

My makeup routine has been drastically simplified over the past year. I have always worn less makeup during the summertime and I just decided to keep the simplicity year round. After my morning skincare, I add the the Glow 30 sunscreen, which does exactly what it says... it makes you glow. Next, I apply the anti-aging perfector (it's basically just like a BB or CC cream). It gives just enough coverage to even out your skin tone. I'll add a little powder as necessary if I need extra coverage for breakouts. After that I apply the cream blush using a beauty blender. For eyes, I've been using the quick stick, which is a eyeliner and shadow combo. I have this in a couple colors and I love it! Sometimes I also add a little liquid eyeliner if I want a little bit more of a dramatic eye look. I finish my makeup look with my favorite (sensitive eye friendly) mascara and a coat of my favorite lip gloss. From start to finish it takes about five minutes or less!

Makeup Routine:

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