Monday, February 6, 2023

Thrifted It Styled It: Pink Vintage Blazer

Happy Monday! I'm back... for the second day in a row! Today's post is kicking off a new series here on the blog. It's a series that's been on the backburner in my brain but it's time to get it published. The new series is Thrifted It Styled It. In this series, I'll be sharing items that I've thrifted and styled. This will be a variety of items ranging from clothes, accessories, home goods, and more. I am hoping these posts will inspire you during your next (or first) thrifting trip as you hunt for treasures!

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Ok, let's get started! First up, this amazing rose pink vintage blazer. This past Saturday, we went thrifting at our local Salvation Army. I'll be honest, I typically skipped thrifting here for most of my thrifter career. I'm not exactly sure why but I literally never went but now it's my favorite spot in my area to find the best stuff. It's priced super reasonably and for what you would expect at a thrift store. They always have a color tag that is 50% off and on Friday they discount a different color tag. That color is 99 cents for clothing and other items are 4 for 99 cents! On Saturday, the discounts on that color get even deeper. The clothes become 49 cents and they conveniently pull this color from the main racks and put them on rolling racks around the store. It's so much fun looking through these deeply discounted items to find the hidden gems.

I spotted this vintage blazer and my oldest daughter immediately said that I had to get it because I could make a great outfit with it. Sold! The style, the price, and the validation from my daughter had me immediately throwing it into the cart. My styling wheels immediately started turning as I was thinking of outfits that I could create with this fabulous 49 cent blazer! When I'm styling a bold piece, especially for the first time, I like to keep the rest of the look classic. The blazer is definitely a statement piece so I decided the first time I wore it, I would try a black base layer and black accessories to make the blazer pop. I debated on styling this look with leopard ankle boots but I ultimately decided that pairing the blazer with Converses just felt more like me. Wearing sneakers with a dressier item is my favorite. I love how this look turned out!

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