Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Thrifted It Styled It: Vintage Cardigan

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Hey everyone! Today, I'm sharing another recent thrift store clothing find: a vintage cardigan. I found this cardigan at The Salvation Army, the same store where I found the vintage pink blazer that I shared last week. I found the blazer on Saturday when that particular tags was marked down even further to 49 cents but I was also really lucky with this find. It was 99 cents!

I spotted this cardigan right away because I have a thing for cream/white/ivory sweaters and tops. They always catch my eye and they are one of my favorite things to wear. I was still a newbie to the discounted price tags and didn't even realize that it was only going to be 99 cents. I had it in my cart when one of the employees at the store commented on my great 99 cent find. I was like... wait? what? Then, she explained to me about the pricing discounts each week on clothing. Now, I go on Friday and Saturday to see what I can find! I did a clothing redesign project with my Fashion Club at work last week so I went to The Salvation Army to grab clothing items. I was so impressed by the clothing redesigns that were created by my students in grades K-5. It was definitely proof that you don't have to spend much money to create something that you love to wear!

I washed this vintage cardigan as soon as I got home and tried it on. I was so excited that it was a perfect fit and in great condition! My husband and I went on a date last Saturday and I knew I had to wear it. I wish I would have taken a full length mirror photo but really, the cardigan was the star of this comfy date night look! I paired it with wide leg jeans, heart shaped earrings, a statement ring, a leopard leather bag, and my Birkenstock clogs. I loved the mix of old and new in this look!

L E T ' S  S H O P

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