Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Thrifted It Styled It: Rattan Arch Shelf

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Hey y'all! Today, I'm back for another Thrifted It Styled It post! The past two posts in this series have been clothing items but today is home style. I actually thrift home goods way more than anything else. I really only look for clothing items for myself while thrifting if there is a sale (partially because I love Madewell so much that I buy most of my clothing there). I absolutely love vintage, retro, antique, and anything unique. Finding a special piece while thrifting, especially something that I've been hunting for, is so much fun for me! One item on my hunt list was a rattan arch shelf. I was seeing them at antique malls for way more than I wanted to spend or if I did find one in a thrift store, it had a sold tag on it! If you are a thrifter, you know finding that sold tag on an item you love is super disappointing.

Well, back in January, I stopped at Salvation Army before picking up my girls from school. This parking lot is usually crazy but I was excited to get a spot right at the door. I had plenty of time on my hands so I was looking forward to browsing the store. A couple times around the store, I literally found nothing. Not one single thing. I feel like this happens to me every time that I get a good parking spot, I have time to look around, and of course, when I decide to actually get a shopping cart, lol. I was giving up and leaving, when I passed a white shelf full of pillows.

I had passed this shelf at least two times before and I never noticed it! It was the rattan arch shelf that I had been hunting for. I walked over to it *hoping there wasn't a sold tag* to discover that it was available and only $30! I immediately purchased it. So fast! A man from the store helped me bring it to my car and he wasn't convinced that I was going to be able to get it home. I drive a Honda Pilot and we have used my car to haul all kinds of things so I knew it was possible.

See! I did it... and with room for my two kids to ride. My girls weren't the least bit surprised when their thrifting mom pulled up to school to pick them up with a big piece of furniture in the car. They are quite used to this!

Like I mentioned above, I got this shelf back in January. I found a home for it in my living room the same day but then it sat empty for awhile.  For some reason, I found the task of styling the shelves to be challenging. I just wasn't even really sure how to start. Once I got started, it became such a fun styling challenge. I think I have changed something pretty much everyday. Added, taken away, or moved an item. 

The first thing I started with (and have kept there) is the rattan loveseat with the plant on the top shelf. The one thing I definitely wanted on this shelf was plants so it was a great starting place for styling. I also really wanted this shelf to be full of pretty treasures but also be purposeful. I love having a place for my watering can. It's pretty and on display but I also use it often to water my plants around the house. The seashell dish that I thrifted for 99 cents is going to hold my favorite little shells from our beach adventures. The disco ball is the most recent addition. I have been wanting one for awhile and I found this one for $5 at Five Below over the weekend. I think it adds a fun, whimsical touch to the shelf and now I want more of them! This shelf will be an ever changing space and definitely a focal point in our living room. One of my very favorite thrift finds of all time!

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