Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Currently Loving .259

Hey y'all! Currently Loving is finally back and it's not even Friday. I traditionally *for years* posted a roundup of what I'm Currently Loving on Fridays only. But it's time to change it up and share it any day of the week. I've been randomly sharing what I'm Currently Loving on Instagram Stories as I find amazing things that I love so I'm leaning into that approach here on the blog as well!

Today is all about coin pouches! I was browsing on Etsy and came across the most fun accessory shop, Three Potato Four Co. They sell the cutest rubber squeeze coin pouches! Does anyone else remember having one of these as a kid?! I can't even remember what color mine was or if it even had anything on it but I definitely remembering having one in the 90s. I found six of them that I love and now I can't decide which one I want to buy. Which one would you pick?!


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