Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Heart Tattoo: A Love Story

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Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of Valentine's Day, today I'm sharing a special story. When my oldest daughter was a toddler, I got a special tattoo on my foot for her and I always planned on getting one for my youngest daughter. Between raising little ones and not knowing exactly what I wanted to get, I still didn't have one for my youngest... 10 years later. 

Months ago, she was having a hard morning. Honestly, I can't even remember exactly what was going on or what was bothering her but I wanted to make her feel better. I had remembered a fellow mom that I've followed on Instagram for years share something special that she does with her children. She would draw a heart on their wrist and hers. SO I did just that. A grabbed a Sharpie and drew a heart on her wrist as well as one of mine. The left wrist to be exact. I told her that if would be a reminder for her all day long that I loved her and that I'm always there for her, on hard days and easy ones, too. Sporadically over the new couple of weeks she would ask for a heart again but I guess the newness of this concept wore off for her and stopped asking. During the weeks when it was a regular thing, I had the idea that I would get the heart tattooed on my left wrist and I would have her draw it for me. But, like I said, she stopped asking for the heart so I figured she was over idea. Well, months later I thought about it one morning as I was getting everything ready for the day. The idea of the tattoo popped back into my head randomly. A little while later, she came into the bathroom to get her hair down and out of the blue, she asked me if I would draw a heart on her wrist. I knew at that moment, that this was the tattoo I was meant to get in honor of her.

We set the appointment and on the day of, I had Olivia draw out a bunch of hearts for us to choose from. When I saw a bunch... I mean like 100 or more hearts, lol. I had her help me pick the heart because she said she would love to get the exact same one as me when she's older. Who knew it would be so hard to narrow down all of the hearts to just one. It took us awhile but we selected our favorite one that I took with me to the tattoo studio.

I got my tattoo done at Cardinal Rose Tattoo Gallery in downtown Asheboro. This was my first time getting a tattoo at this location but my two other tattoos were also done by Brandon Yow, the owner. Brandon is so personable and professional. He makes you feel welcome and comfortable. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a tattoo artist in the area!

I absolutely love how this tattoo turned out! It's going to be such a sweet reminder all day, everyday of my daughter. Such a special piece of art.

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