Thursday, August 18, 2022

Back to School at Triad Goodwill

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This post is in partnership with and sponsored by Triad Goodwill.

Happy Thursday! Did y'all know that yesterday, August 17, was National Thrift Shop Day?! I certainly did and of course, I celebrated with a trip to my local Triad Goodwill to do some treasure hunting. I absolutely love the thrill of the thrift! I love going thrifting just to look but I also really love going with a specific purpose. Whether it's finding vases for my flower stand, hunting for holiday decor, prepping for a project... I just enjoy finding things that I need for a great price! Well, back to school is no exception. Getting my girls ready to go back to school is one of my favorite reasons to head to Triad Goodwill! If you are a parent or guardian, you know that heading back to school can be super expensive. From school supplies to backpacks to clothes, there's so much they need! Well, today I am going to share how I prepped my girls for back to school on a budget and some of my personal thrifting tips that will help you score at thrift store!

My girls have grown up in secondhand clothing for the most part... besides the few years that I made them dress the same every single day, lol. They honestly prefer to thrift their clothing because they are able to find unique apparel that not every single person in their class is wearing. We often go into regular retail stores and leave empty handed because they can't find anything that no one else already has. I feel like thrifting has helped my girls define their own personal style because there's so many options at your fingertips when you are thrifting. You see a variety of brands and clothing styles right in front of you so you aren't limited to just one specific look. They love to shop for themselves but they also always ask if I got them anything when they know I've been shopping at Triad Goodwill! 

When shopping for clothes specifically, we love to go to several Triad Goodwill locations in the same day. You can easily find the nearest location to you here! In the photo above, we drove a little farther to a different city and she scored so many great tees that she absolutely loved. She was even shopping in an all thrifted look from Triad Goodwill! Julianna is currently in the oversized, comfy tees, and athletic shorts phase and these kind of items are so easy to thrift. She was so excited about her finds at this location that we hopped to two more Triad Goodwill locations and found everything we needed clothing wise to get her back to school ready! Best part? Everything was less than $50!

Olivia didn't need as many new items for back to school because we believe in hand me downs and she gets so many of them from her older sister! However, we love letting her hunt for pieces at Triad Goodwill that are unique to her personal style. She absolutely loves unicorns and anything that sparkles so she was so excited to add some new magical items to her back to school wardrobe. I even found her the cutest unicorn pop it purse to carry her hand sanitizer and lip products in style!

I love shopping for clothing and shoes at Triad Goodwill to get back to school ready but they also have other items that will save you so much money (...and who doesn't love that?!). Did you know you can find folders and binders there? I was able to score several school supply items for a fraction of the price I would have paid at a regular retail store! The items I found were in perfect condition. I also spotted water bottles, lunch boxes, and backpacks! I even found a letter board that is just like the one I recently purchased that would be great for documenting the first day of school. Is your student headed to PE class? I found great quality athletic wear from all of my favorite brands! Triad Goodwill makes back to school easy and oh so affordable!

I've sprinkled tips throughout this post but if you are new to thrifting and need some help getting started on your thrifting journey, this part of the post is for you! These are some of my top tips for becoming a savvy thriftanista at Triad Goodwill!

1. Go often! To find the best stuff you have to go thrifting on a regular basis so that you don't miss out on any great finds. I'm pretty lucky and my favorite Triad Goodwill is less than five minutes away from my house. I always go at least once a week but sometimes I go three or four times in one week depending on my schedule. My store restocks multiple times a day so there's always something new to find!

2. Shop for the whole family! I find amazing clothes for the girls at thrift stores! Almost everything they are wearing in all of the photos in today's post is from Triad Goodwill. We have found such cute things for them there!

3. Get a Preferred Customer Card! For $20 per year, you will save 15% off every time you shop at Triad Goodwill. How amazing is that?! This is a must have!

4. Have something in mind that you are looking for to focus your search. It can be really overwhelming to enter a thrift store if you aren't used to searching through stuff to find a bargain. Focus on jeans if that's what you need or a certain item that you need for your home.

5. This one might seem silly but I have found it to be a helpful reminder: look up and look down. I have found some of the best items when I looked up at the very top shelves and when I've squatted down to see what's on the very bottom shelves. The treasures are everywhere!

6. Sizing is so different from brand to brand so don't be afraid to try on a large if you typically wear a small. I've found some really great items by giving an item that wasn't my size a chance.

7. Most people say they don't have the patience to go through all of the stuff so here's a trick I use. I look at the fabric. You can tell a lot about the quality and condition of an item by just looking at the fabric. I don't bother even looking at anything that looks worn out, faded, or the fabric doesn't look like it's of good quality. Josh makes fun of me for this one, but I also just go down the aisle and touch the fabric to see if it's good quality. Good quality = good feeling fabric!

8. Check out the racks and carts of stuff that hasn't been put out yet. I always find amazing stuff there because no one has looked through it yet.

9. Styling your thrifted items is the fun part. You can make a thrifted item work with the latest trends but more importantly it's such a budget friendly way to fill gaps in your wardrobe. If you know you need a pair of shorts or a black dress, key an eye out for those items to get them at Triad Goodwill.

10. Have fun! Thrifting is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience. You just never know what you might find when you are shopping at Triad Goodwill!

I hope I have inspired you to head to your closest Triad Goodwill location to get your kids or yourself back to school ready! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

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