Thursday, July 7, 2011

remember this

I have been having "remember this" moments quite often lately. What is a remember this moment? It's a moment in your life that you want to cherish forever, one that should never slip from your memory. When one of these moments happens, I close my eyes and say, "remember this." Some of these moments are just super simple things and others more monumental.

Julianna is cutting her molars right now so needless to say, she's miserable. She woke up at 4am on Wednesday morning. I brought her into bed with me. She snuggled beside me and proceeded to share with me every single word that she says. From duck to boom boom to hey. I closed my eyes, giggled, and said, "remember this, don't forget." What a simple, but special moment.

Last night, I had another. Just a really, super, simple moment. I put Julianna into her crib. Turned on her lullabies. Then I heard a little voice say, "dye dye" (she says "d" for "b" right now). Remember this. How sweet... and it definitely let mommy know that JuJu was ready to bed.

Now my goal is to start recording more of these moments. Because I want to remember this, forever.

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