Thursday, July 14, 2011

adventures with mommy

I really can't believe how fast my summer vacation is flying by. I have to go back to work the first week of August and it's already the middle of July. Julianna and I are trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible before it's time to go back to school.

Yesterday, we met a few of my coworkers for lunch at San Felipe. The pictures below are of sweet Julianna greeting people as they walked passed her. She seemed to get quite frustrated when she didn't get a "hey" back.

After greeting many people, we went inside to get a table. Julianna has a reputation for not behaving at San Felipe for some reason. Almost every time we go, she goes nuts! For example, last time she threw half of quesadilla across the restaurant along with the plate and also attempted to climb on the table after undoing the strap on the high chair. I was soooo ready to leave that day!

I was meeting 3 ladies for lunch. Thankfully they were humored by Julianna being herself. Julianna loves dipping her food in different sauces. She dipped her chip in salsa, and LOTS of it. Then of course she had to try the sour cream. Her chip was completely covered in sour cream. And she just had to dip her half eaten chip in someone else's guacamole dish! Oh goodness! Then she threw a cereal bar and emptied all of the Cheerios out of container before she threw her sippy cup. Fun times!

But she was happy and mommy left with indigestion. Afterwards, we went for some frozen yogurt. Julianna was really good first then she didn't that she wasn't going to sit still and started walking everywhere to say "hey" to new people. At least she's social, friendly, and definitely outgoing! What an afternoon but it wouldn't have traded it for anything!

Our other adventure was this morning. I have wanted to take Julianna to toddler story time at the library since the beginning of summer. I *think* toddlers are technically supposed to be 18 months to go (Julianna is almost 16 months) but I knew of someone else who took their child who is about the same age as Julianna. Sooooo... she had a hard time sitting still and she didn't really pay attention but we did it with no meltdowns! She enjoyed when the lady sang a song and she got to clap. They read 2 books, sang 1 song, and we watched a book on a film strip (I didn't even know those things still existed). Afterwards she played with the other little ones and fell in love with these blocks. I guess that's the next purchase I will be making for her. Overall, I'd say it was successful and we'll definitely try going again.

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