Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I usually skip the talking on Wednesday and just post photos of my favorite little 1-year old but today we need to talk. I have been feeling a whirlwind of emotions since I saw a faint pink line in my bathroom on Friday morning. I just didn't think it was possible. Not this soon. We've only been trying for one cycle. I assumed it was just a false positive because my hormones were out of whack or something.
I was getting ready to leave for Ashley's girls weekend in South Carolina and I needed to pick up one of my sister-in-laws before we met Josh's mom. I stopped at the store, got a box of 2 pregnancy tests, and then headed to Crystal's house. I did call Josh after I took the first test to give him a heads up, he was excited and shocked as well. I took one of the tests at her house but it literally gave me no result. Nothing. Not a yes or no. What?! More waiting, more guessing, more thinking. We talked a lot on the 20 minutes drive to my mother-in-laws house so that kept me from thinking too much. But when I got there, I headed straight for her bathroom to try the other test. Still after 5 minutes there was no result. We needed to get on the road so I couldn't wait any longer so I just threw the test in the purse and moved on.

Still I couldn't stop thinking. Did I seriously buy 2 defective tests???? This can't be happening! I need information! Let's fast forward about an hour down the road. I forgot my wallet. I left it at my mother-in-laws house in my car. We all agreed that we had to go back and get it so we turn around to get it. Adding 2 hours to our trip. I felt bad, really bad. But everything happens for a reason. After an hour back to the house, I got my wallet, proceeded to put it in my purse, and then I discovered that "defective" test in my purse.

There it was, a big FAT positive sitting in my purse:
I immediately sent this photo to Josh, saying, "I think I'm pregnant, call me." And of course, since my family was in the car, I had to share my discovery. It was a pretty exciting moment! Josh was so excited and I think a little scared as well. Babies are expensive! I assured him that we would be just fine. We've got this! Then it took us girls about double the time to get where we were going. So many crazy things happened to us! But when finally did arrive around 9 (we left around 1 for a 4 hour drive). We told Ashley that one of us was most likely pregnant. So we went to get a box of 3 tests. Shandi, Ashley, and I all took one. Guess who's test was positive?
Of course, MINE! And if that wasn't official enough, they gave me another pregnancy test at the doctor on Monday afternoon.
I got a call from the nurse at my OB office yesterday. My hcg levels were in the 300s so the nurse predicted that I was about 4-5 weeks along. I have to go back in today for another blood test and then I will schedule my ultrasound to give me an exact due date. Julianna and her little brother or sister will be about exactly 24 months apart!

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  1. I had the first test you took. I took 3 of them over a course of 3 days and they were all pretty faint must be the type of test. I can believe the shock, we found out on month 14 of trying and i was going to throw the test in the trash just assuming it was another negative. To my surprise it was a positive. Yay for two pink lines. You guys can handle it, God will not give us more than we can handle :)