Wednesday, July 13, 2011

four at once

Julianna was super cranky yesterday. More fussy than normal and just not herself. She was pulling at her ear so I was super worried that she had another icky ear infection. So I took her to the doctor, as a "just in case" appointment. She didn't have a temp but I just wanted to make sure she wasn't sick.

Well, she didn't have an ear infection. Just a little extra wax that the doctor cleaned out for us. No temperature. Weighed 21.6 pounds. Healthy! Only thing that could be causing the cranky Julianna would be ALL four of her molars cutting through at the same time. All four are really swollen. One of them is halfway through and the other three have started to cut through. I would be mad too.

I like an appointment where I leave without needing to get medicine filled at the pharmacy. The only thing she needed was some homemade juice popsicles to soothe her gums.

And some fun pictures I haven't shared yet:

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