Friday, July 23, 2010

you've got mail, julianna!

Mommy's don't have a lot time to work out. Most of my daily exercise includes toting around my 12 lb. baby and running up and down the stairs at my house. When she finally takes a nap (which is only in her swing at this point), I think great, I can work out now. Um, no. It wakes her up every single time! So when Josh got home from work yesterday, I told him that I needed to go for a walk. I actually wanted to sweat a little.

So I went out the front door and almost tripped over a fun discovery. There was a package for Julianna on the front porch! I love getting mail and Josh does too-- so of course, Julianna will probably enjoy it as well. It was the first package addressed to her that she's ever received. I know, I'm corny, I think every moment is something special. You have to treat every moment that way to appreciate what God has given us.

I waited to open it until I got back from my walk because Josh would have been jealous if he wasn't there. I know, we're dorks. I got to open it up an discovered this cute little outfit and card inside:

A BIG "thank you" to Megan and Josh for sending us this sweet little surprise!!


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