Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a confession. i love "it"

I'm 24. I'm a wife. I'm a mother. I'm a teacher. And I also sleep with a stuffed animal. A bunny to be exact.

Here's the story behind the bunny... when I was two years old, my mom gave me a stuffed bunny as an Easter gift. I'm not exactly sure when but at some point, I became obsessed with this animal full of stuffing. I would dress "it" (I've never really decided if it's a boy or girl, so it's "it") up in doll clothing and even real baby clothes. I would push it around in a doll stroller. Bunny and me were inseperable.

At one point, I named the bunny Bailey but that faded somehow. But my love for this old stuffed animal has never faded away. Bunny even went to live with me at UNCG in my dorm room. I didn't care what anyone thought, it was (and still is) comforting and "it" helps me fall asleep.

I can recall many trips where I either left this bunny at home or at the hotel. "It's" been shipped back to me twice and I can recall my dad having to turn around and go back to get bunny.

I thought maybe when I got married, I would retire my good ole bunny but two years of marriage later and I'm still snuggling up to it every single night. Even after having my own child, I've still got bunny next to me every night. Josh doesn't seem to mind at all. He understands why I love it so much. But he does think it might get stolen. Stolen by Julianna that is. If there is anyone I would let have my "lovie" it would definitely be my precious daughter. Maybe one day Julianna will write in her own blog about mommy's bunny... if blogs even exist when she's able to type.

Oh and my bunny has been stolen once already. Maggie found comfort in bunny when she was just a puppy. My bunny is the only stuffed animal that she hasn't destroyed. She understands my attachment to it.

Gotta go, time to snuggle with bunny (and maybe Josh, too)!


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