Sunday, July 11, 2010

her giggles have turned to laughter!

Little Julianna not only can giggle now... she can laugh! I didn't realize the difference between giggles and laughs until yesterday!

She's gotten so much bigger and I was curious about how much she weighed now. So I got on the scale and weighed myself. Then Josh handed to her to see how much my weight went up while I was holding her. It went up 13-14 pounds! Of course, that isn't exact but she's definitely gaining weight! Once I had read the scale, I held her up and told her that she was a little piggy. Josh was laughing and all of the sudden she started imitating his laugh! We're talking a full belly laugh here. It was the most hilarious thing... I loved it! We got her to do 2 more times after that. We will be capturing this on video asap!

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